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Why You Should Diet For the End of the World

Let us all face it, we have all been hearing about “the end of the world” which is yet to come soon. Although people have thrown around countless dates on when that possible end is, we still do not know when that exact date is. So in the meantime, while w a i t i n g for that so-called “day”, why should people go on a diet? Now you might be thinking, “now this is a strange question to ask especially since it is the end of the world…” It might be so, but the fact of the matter is, people do not want to be at the end of everything and not look and feel their best. People would like to know that they worked hard in the remaining days of their lives. Many people may fall for those fad diets that might or might not work. The thing is, the best diet is usually a diet that consists of balance and patience. Like the saying, “Rome was not made in a day”, that also applies to your body and dieting. Here are a few reasons on why you should go on a BALANCED diet for the “end of the world.”

Healthy dieting can lower the risk of certain cancers

Research has shown that overweight people are 4x more likely for certain cancers than people who are on a healthy diet. This is higher in woman because overweight women are more likely to develop endometrial and breast cancer. Body fat can produce estrogen which is a hormone said to be linked with both cancers.

Healthy dieting

could help you lower your risk of certain cancers so that people could be without any sickness for the end of the world.

Helps people stay memory sharp

People who are not conscious about their diet and stay obese throughout their midlife have a much higher risk to develop dementia. Remember: The bigger the belly fat, the greater the risk of this medical condition. This is said to happen because of certain inflammatory factors and hormones produced by belly fat itself. Having a sharp memory could be beneficial for you to live life to the fullest without memory gaps before the end of the world occurs.

Prevents other medical conditions that could be fatal

Another important reason of

healthy dieting

for the end is that keeping a maintained body weight can prevent certain medical conditions that could affect different organs in the body. This includes the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and other vital organs in the body. This is vital like mentioned above because it is best to be healthy before the end so that you do not have to worry about sicknesses that could cause stress and death before it is time.

Helps people look good physically

Having a balanced diet could help people look better physically. It could earn them the body that they always wanted if dieting is done correctly. That means no flabby arms, tummies and legs. People could wear the clothes that they like wearing and feel good about how they look in it. It is always best to look and feel good about yourself so that you can be confident for the end of the world.

Gives more confidence

Besides looking good on the outside, healthy dieting could give people more confidence to people. It ties in with how they feel about how they look physically because they know that they do look good on the outside. Confidence is very important for people to feel good about their lives and could bring in positive energy and thoughts which is needed in people’s lives so that they can live their lives to the fullest and carry on for the world’s end.

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