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Why You Need Vitamin L For Better Health

We all have a need to give and receive love. Love is food for the soul. Love nourishes the body, mind, and spirit.

The Food You Eat Can Only Go So Far

Many people suffered with their health despite eating extremely well. It wasn’t due to their poor eating habits or unhealthy diets. Once they focused on increasing the quality of their relationships, their health improved dramatically.  Healthy relationships are an important component of what I refer to as “non-physical food.” All components of life that nourish your soul and satisfy your need to live are considered non-physical food. Celebrate mindful eating and living with For the Love of Food and Yoga.

What Is Non-Physical Nutrition?

Vitamin Love

How you eat is heavily influenced by your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. These non-physical aspects are a main source of nutrition in my opinion when it comes to living a healthy and balance life. Since they directly influence how and why you eat the way you do. Someone who is truly content and happy with their life will eat very differently from someone who is unhappy or despises themselves.

Think about this for a moment…the sedentary overweight person, who sits on the couch watching TV for hours each day, will have a different diet than the active and fit person who takes an hour walk every day. Likewise, a person forcing themself to stay in a miserable relationship will have different eating habits than someone who is in a genuine, loving relationship.

Many people tend to either lash out at their loved ones or stuff their face with junk food as soon as they get home from a bad day at work. For people that do this, what do you think their thoughts and emotions really look like? Do you think they are healthy or are they destructive? Do you think they would be likely to have a healthy diet?

This Is More Important Than The Food You Actually Eat!

All aspects of career, relationship, physical activity, community, spirituality, and even thinking patterns have a profound effect on what we eat, how we eat, and why we eat the way we eat. Since our mental, emotional, and spiritual health is a non-physical form of nourishment, it is vastly overlooked. Most doctors do not have the time to spend with each and every patient.

This unfortunately prevents them from giving the undivided listening attention needed to properly diagnose and effectively treat common non-physical conditions. This is the main reason why medication is over prescribed in the world. If you are fascinated by the powerfully transformative concept of non-physical foods, you would love this book, Eat to Love because it goes into great detail about the benefits and of all the different types of non-physical foods and how you can use them to greatly improve the quality of your health and life. Human beings are hungry, starving actually – but not for food. There is a deeper desire that needs to be met and it has nothing to do with the physical food you eat.

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Love Really Makes Food Taste So Amazing

There are many different ingredients I love to include in the food I make. From healing spices such as: cumin, curry, and cayenne to medicinal herbs such as: oregano, parsley, and basil – I love them all. My husband and I love hot and spicy foods, so we often make a lot of ethnic foods (particularly Mexican, Latin and Indian). We also love to experiment and try making new dishes. My favorite ingredient by far is actually not an ingredient at all. It is an energy, and is called “Vitamin L.”

Love Food that Loves You Back

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Vitamin L – Infuse Your Food With Love

In my unique approach to holistic health, physical food (the food you eat) is actually secondary when it comes to healthy and balanced living. Love is probably the most important of all non-physical foods, which is why I call it Vitamin L. To boost your daily intake of Vitamin L and bring more love and intimacy into your life, I suggest examining your present relationships.

Being personally connected to others: husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, children, friends, family, and co-workers, is an essential part of life. We tend to feel a sense of comfort and safety when we are free to express our dreams and struggles with the people we are close to. Learn how to Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It.

You MUST Add This Ingredient To Your Recipes!

Try to infuse any food you make with love, I mean really feel the love and not just think of it when preparing the food. I do this every time I cook or prepare something to eat and it always makes the end result tastier. My wife and I do this all the time and it always works.

There is something very special about the energy of love and what it does to food when you prepare it. It cannot be described, only experienced. I have actually tested this a few times to see if people notice any difference in taste and sure enough, they do. Love Food that Loves You Back!

Rotten Energy Makes Rotten Food

I am going to share a personal story about an incident of energy infused food that I experienced. This happened at a summer family BBQ several years back. My uncle (who had a major alcohol addiction and was holding onto ridiculous amounts of anger and sadness from abandoning his four children when they were young) was grilling some burgers. I could see it in his eyes and the way he was violently flipping the burgers and pressing the grease out of them that he was not happy with his life. He was drunk and was the type to turn into a mean drunk; a very mean drunk.

When Food Is Love

I could feel his extreme discontent for life as he was grilling. There were 5 of us total and we all ate burgers. Everyone but my uncle thought the burgers were terrible. They were dry and tasted nasty. The interesting thing is I have always made the same exact burgers and they tasted drastically different. My mom and dad even said (without me even saying anything) “those burgers tasted as nasty as his drunken, angry attitude.” Explore the relationship between eating and intimacy: When Food Is Love

Go Ahead, Give It A Try

Do you think food cooked by a pissed off, angry, and perhaps miserable person is going to taste the same as the same exact food cooked by a happy, loving, and caring person? Speaking from my experience, food cooked by a happy and loving person always tastes better. Give it a try and see if you can taste and feel the difference. Remember though, you must have an open mind and willing heart in order to not only infuse, but to receive the love in the food.


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