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Why Personality Type Systems Should Matter to You

A big part of my mission is to take practical frameworks like personality type systems and help people to actually use them.

When people come across personality type systems, they usually take the test, are pleasantly pleased by the accuracy of the results, are captivated by it for a short time, and then leave the tools to rust in the toolshed rather than use them to build a life that better better reflects what they want.

Because not only are personality type systems incredibly helpful, they are transformative.

If you want to change your life or just even understand who you are, they are the perfect place to start. Not only do they speak to who you are as an individual, they give you information about people in your life in a way that they never could articulate themselves. Here are some reasons why I think you shouldn’t hesitate to get started using these in your life.

1. They teach you what makes you stand out from other people — what makes you special.

Although we may think we have a grasp on how people see us in general, most of us rarely run surveys. Based on our own perceptions, we determine where we fall within a certain group of people or context, but our judgments can still be off. What happens if we’re in a community or environment that values a certain trait over the other? It could be something that’s extremely rare or useful, but because of the context we find ourselves in, we’re oblivious.

Not with personality type systems. They provide a pretty objective way of describing who you are amongst more than a local community. They help you to see what you do differently and what makes you special — which could very well be the thing that you’ve been downplaying or wish wasn’t a part of you. When you can know your strengths and what makes you different, you can begin to see how you add worth value to the world. And knowing that you matter can make all the difference for someone.

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2. They help you to gain understanding about why you are the way you are.

Not only do you learn more about yourself and what sets you apart, you begin to understand the reasons why. Suddenly things that you thought were “flaws” or errors in who you are make up a part of your fabric that help you to do other things well. Maybe you’re a person who is constantly running late — but your openness means you’re spontaneous and it leads you down paths that other people wouldn’t venture down… which can lead to new possibilities, ideas, and creative solutions. When you understand why, you begin to get the bigger picture of who you are, rather than honing in on particular details that may not matter in the larger context.

3. They allow you to see yourself the way the world sees you.

As I said earlier, we rarely get to run a survey to know how all people see us — and most of us wouldn’t want to know. But it’s extremely useful to get an understanding of how others react to us and the things we do. It can shed insight into past experiences as well as current situations that we have and also help us to see from other people’s perspective. What we saw one way could have been interpreted way differently and personality type systems provide a systematic way of being able to become aware of those perceptions.

4. They reveal what your blind spots are.

The whole point of a blind spot is that we’re unaware of it. It usually only comes to our attention from an outside source — maybe a friend, a critic, or something like a book or movie. The great news about personality type systems is that they have pretty much figured out the most common areas of weakness for each type. This means you can learn where you struggle and where you need help without it turning into a reality TV show table-flipping cry fest. It also helps you to empower yourself to lessen your blind spots and not feel like you need to change based on a couple of people’s opinion of where you are coming up short.

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5. They give you a specialized growth plan.

When you are navigating self-help on your own, it can be hard to know where to even begin. A lot of times, we seek to improve our external circumstances when really, the lack we feel is inside. On the other hand, personality type systems can give you areas in which you need to grow and the steps that you as an individual need to take. Because the advice is more internal, it helps you to better get to the source of your dissatisfaction, rather than aiming in the dark and hoping that the next endeavor you take on will “fix” it.

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6. They can help you to better understand the relationships in your life.

We all have different perceptions and this means that we can communicate differently, but think we’re effectively expressing ourselves. But most communication is about the receiver, rather than the sender and how we’re interpreted is what ends up mattering. When we use personality type systems, we can better understand how people interpret our actions and words. This can have an immense impact on the quality of our relationships because if we can understand how other people see us, we can understand how we relate to them and what both parties need.

We can also get insight into things we may have mistinterpreted in the past — things that may have shaped our beliefs about our reality and who we are. To have greater harmony with the people next to us in this world is one of the greatest gifts that we can gain from personality type systems.

7. They can help you to improve your life across a number of different areas.

The wealth of information provided by personality type systems is broad and far-reaching. Unlike a lot of other self-help systems, it does not concentrate on just one area of your being — like a change in diet or a business book. With personality type systems, not only do you gain a better sense of who you are, but you can also actively improve your relationships (romantic and otherwise), your work life, your home life, your health, your spirituality, your emotional state, and any other area you can think of. It’s not only practical and applicable to a variety areas, but an efficient way of managing your growth, too.

8. They can help you to develop deeper self-awareness, which can lead to deeper self-acceptance, which can lead to deeper fulfillment.

We may resist diving deeper into who we are, but the journey is one that is worth it. Because when we know ourselves better and can be aware of the who we really are, we see just how incredible we are. Not in arrogance, not in ego, but in how things truly are. We see that we are whole and also meant to be exactly who we are. When we understand that who we are is a gift to us, it can shift how we experience our whole lives.

We can go from living a life that leaves us never quite satisfied and always looking something else to satisfy us to living a life that thrills, excites, invigorates, and inspires us. A life where we are overflowing with abundance, joy, gratitude, and possibilities. A life that we wake up excited to experience each and every morning. A life that we deserve.


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