When did we lose our compassion? The Mommy Moment of the Week.

So a few weeks ago, my son had a severe ear infection that required me to rush him to the doctor first thing in the morning. I was told his eardrum could rupture at any minute, and to get him his antibiotic right away. To top it all off, the pain and dizziness he was experiencing was causing him to throw up in the car… the waiting room… the doctor’s office. I knew I was going to have to stop with him at the grocery store to get his prescription filled and also to get popsicles and a few other things to help keep him hydrated. I looked around in my van and found a tupperware bowl… PERFECT. This would be my makeshift barf bucket. If you read the article ‘

Your house is cleaner than mine

’, you can imagine what my car looks like, and why there is a random tupperware bowl in it. So as I walked through the store, my son starts throwing up. I don’t know what’s worse, the tremendous amount of worry I was feeling or the ridiculous fury of stares I was getting. I thought for sure someone would stop and ask if they could help. I was wrong.

So now I was carrying my son through the store, holding on to a bucket full of puke, to get to the freezer area. I had already dropped off the prescription and I just had to get the popsicles and make my way back to the pharmacy. Hmm… one arm is barely holding my 40lb son up, and the other arm is carrying the barf bucket (with puke in it). Where was I supposed to put the popsicles? So there I was, walking back to the pharmacy with my super sick son in one arm, a bowl with vomit in it in the other, and the popsicles balancing on top of the bowl. And yet, not a single person stopped to see if I needed help or even just show a small amount of compassion. Is this the norm? I realize that at this time of year, no one wants to get catch anyone else’s cold or flu, but really…not even a ‘how can I help?’

When I had a friend tell me about a great act of kindness that she saw the other day, it gave me hope that there are amazing mothers out there that will drop everything to help another mom. I had to share this story as my ‘mommy moment of the week’, seeing as it is such a great inspiration and hopeful story. So what she witnessed was two women out for lunch, one who had a newborn. This mother was simply out trying to enjoy a nice meal with a friend, however her young baby felt differently about the whole situation. After a few minutes of continuous crying, a complete stranger who was eating lunch at an opposite table came over to offer some support. She had just finished eating and wanted to offer her help to this mother who was trying to enjoy some sort of normalcy. She was obviously a mother too, and simply wanted to help by holding the baby so that another mom could eat her meal.

Now I know that as mothers we can become super protective of our children, but this situation was clearly just a mom trying to help out another mom. She took her up on the offer, and was able to eat her lunch without a screaming baby in her arms. This woman who came to the rescue was clearly a well seasoned mother, who may have even been a grandmother, and simply knew that this was the right thing to do. She was compassionate and offered to help another mom in need. She is the mom who clearly deserves the shout out this week.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all could both experience this kindness from another mom, as well as show such amazing compassion toward others. I want to hear about your great mommy moment stories, because we could all use a bit of inspiration. Please comment or send me an email about a great mommy moment you’ve seen or experienced so I can share it with everyone!


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