What to Have in a Toddler Changing Bag for Flying

If you are travelling with a kid and want to take them on a plane, you should seriously consider carefully organizing their bags. We did not do this for our first flight, which turned out to be a nightmare. We had no idea what to pack in our toddler’s changing bag for the flight, and the flight became tiring and frustrating when he grew quite bored.

We learned the hard way, but we now know exactly what to pack in our toddler’s changing bag for flying. We’re taking a short-haul flight this time, but we’ll be ready for any eventuality.

The bag

You need a good sized changing bag. If you have looked into changing bags before you likely have a really good one anyway. Mine is the DEBUG Baby Bag. I have it in black and I swear by it.
 DEBUG Baby Diaper Bag Backpack
It is really spacious, has lots of handy compartments (such as a bottle cosy) and is machine washable. What more can a girl ask for? I was going to move from baby changing bag back to handbag but this thing is stylish enough with a great layout so why bother?

A changing mat

Part of the appeal with my changing bag was that it came with a fold-able changing mat. It fits nicely into the pockets of the bag too. If your changing bag doesn’t come with one of these then you need to find a portable one. Airports, planes and foreign countries can often throw up situations where you are forced to change your little one on dirty floors or outdoors. Always have a mat to keep them safe from germs.
portable changing mat

Spare clothes

If your kid is anything like mine they are going to need some extra outfits in their toddlers changing bag for flying. My son likes to drink water from a bottle and this results in lots of spills. Add that with the dryness of a plane and you can imagine he is drinking a lot of water really often. Spills tend to happy more regularly than in a normal day.

Basically we pack the clothes in such a way that they are really compact and easy to find in a big bag. To make clothes easier to find use packing cubes, or small bags to keep the clothes in. This way you can easily grab the outfits without hunting through the whole bag. We have the BAGAIL 6 Set Packing Cubes from Amazon and use them to divide up the items in our luggage so we do not have to rummage around to find things.

I also take a pair of lighter shoes incase its really hot when we land. No one likes sweaty feet.

Waterproof bag

On the above note, if your child is a spiller then you need a waterproof bag. Our favourite is the Babygoal Wet Dry Bags. This bag has two sections so you can even keep your dry outfits in the same bag. We have tested this with the likes of soaking swimming kit and its kept everything else in our bag dry. Highly recommend!


We learnt the hard way in Fuerteventura. The TV remote was only available if you paid a deposit, and all of the channels were in Spanish. My son was super bored when we had to work or in the evenings. We are prepared this time with a Netflix-enabled iPad with a movie downloaded on to it incase the WiFi is poor and for use on the plane.

We also got for our son his own set of LilGadgets Connect Volume Limiting Wired Headphoneso he can listen in peace and we can leave the rest of the passengers in peace. The fold down easily so are very portable.


The food on budget airlines can be terrible as well as super expensive. We ended up spending a bunch of our budget just on the flight on our last trip. This time we have brought Travis some crisps so we can make sure we have something he will enjoy. This way you can access the food quickly too, flight attendants don’t really care when your kids starving so having something you can give them in a hurry really helps.

Baby wipes

Baby wipes are essential toddler items in almost any situation. A plane is no different. Wipes help you clean your baby in a confined space, and you can even use them to wash your own hands (or armpits?) in sweaty and sticky situations.

Toddler harness

We have a cool backpack for Travis that has a leash (can we call it that?!) on it. Its super handy while he has it on but a proper children’s harness is much better. You can stop them from falling and it stops them being able to run too far off. Our favorite ones are the Lehoo Castle Toddler Leash

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

To begin, understand that travelling with children is like to trekking the Himalayas. With each travel mishap, I’ve learnt from my errors and tried my hardest to avoid them in the future, but they’re unavoidable. It is quite feasible to properly implement my flying with a toddler suggestions with enough planning. Of course, kids may become weary or grumpy at times, which is where my tried-and-true advice comes in.

You may bring almost anything on board to keep your toddler entertained, but for the sake of your sanity and that of other passengers, child airline activities should be quiet. They do not contain any liquid, and any activity is relatively mess-free. Toys, such as water toy pens, should be filled once aboard; otherwise, they must be removed at the security gate.

The common sense secret to a successful journey with a baby or toddler is to pack the necessary items and to be attention on your child during the flight. Check out our suggested travel toys for kids, from newborns to adolescents, for more ideas on how to occupy your child while travelling. You may also be interested in the best travel books for kids and our advice for travelling with newborns and toddlers.

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How to get toddlers to sleep on a plane?

The most important thing you can do to assist your child sleep on a plane is to make her feel safe and to limit distractions. If you have an approaching vacation with your toddler, start preparing a few weeks ahead of time to ensure that you are prepared. Include as many aspects of your child’s bedtime or naptime routine as feasible. This psychologically prepares individuals for sleep and assists their bodies in beginning to wind down. If you’re travelling at night, have them wear their pyjamas, bring that book they like to read before bed, sing their favourite song, and don’t forget a pacifier (or two or three!) if they normally sleep with one.

Even for adults, there are many unexpected sights, sounds, and scents on flights. To assist children in falling asleep. Screens and blue light may reduce tiredness, so bring colouring books, stickers, card games, puzzles, brain teasers, and word searches instead. If at all feasible, fly at night. This is really beneficial even if your departure time is beyond usual sleeping hours. We put our youngest to bed at a regular hour and wake her up when it is literally time to walk out the door to prevent an overtired outburst.

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What do you give a toddler on takeoff?

Most individuals have experienced the feeling of their ears popping during an airplane’s takeoff and landing. For a child, though, this feeling may be more than simply unpleasant; it can be excruciating. Babies may learn to identify tranquilly with movement, so wander the aisles with your youngster and his or her favourite toys or stuffed animals. The more you can keep your child’s focus on you and on intriguing or entertaining activities, the less likely they are to cry.

Avoid flying if your kid has a cold or indications of an upper respiratory illness. If your kid has a cold or indications of an upper respiratory illness and you are unable to postpone the flight, make sure he or she drinks lots of fluids before the journey. When your kid’s ear feels full during takeoff or landing, offer the infant a bottle and the older youngster juice or water to drink.

Do you have any tips for packing for a flight with a child? What is in your toddlers changing bag for flying?


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