What is the Healthy food for college students

Healthy food is a very important issue in the diet of every college student, athlete and ultimately a person who requires great physical or mental efforts. That is why, if normal we must already take care not to fall too much into temptations such as jewels, industrial pastries, etc.,
in stages where we need more performance we must strengthen our diet taking care that it is healthy, nutritious and Definitively adequate: what is the Healthy food for college students?

Best food for students

The Ideal Diet for the university student: a balanced diet for the body and mind

Talking about ideal food is not talking about a boring diet or a diet with which we intend to lose weight.

Quite the opposite: the student’s ideal diet is one that fills us with energy and allows us to release it in the overexertion that requires attention to a subject or perform special exercises for the student, and what should this diet compose?

Fruits and vegetables

It is a must of any diet. We must never miss the circumstances that we are … and do not get fooled with juices or preparations: much better fresh or steamed to assimilate all its nutrients. And which ones are better?

Blueberries, bananas, and carrots improve memory and retention thanks to vitamin A and C and generate nerve impulses to our brain thanks to potassium.

Skimmed dairy and eggs

Consuming yogurts, fresh cheeses, skim milk and eggs (without abusing, that there is always the threat of cholesterol …) we will be providing amino acids and vitamin B12, perfect to maintain cognitive skills and avoid mental fatigue.

Avocado, tuna, and salmon

These are three ingredients that in addition to delicious, provide large amounts of omega-3, which in addition to keeping our cholesterol at bay, improve our level of concentration.

Nuts and cereals

Nuts, almonds, and oats make up a trident that improves intellectual capacity and memory by being rich in phosphorus.

Besides, they are beneficial for the nervous system and improve short-term memory thanks to vitamin B1, proteins and unsaturated fats.

Lean meats

Turkey breast, chicken, rabbit and whitefish provide a lot of nutrients that help us stay active without having the feeling of fullness that prevents proper concentration.

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Advice when applying Healthy food for college students

Our agency is not a machine to provide the fuel as you want and when you want to work: not to take everything from the list at lunch, we assure you that in the afternoon we are in full capacity to perform in the study.

Therefore, we should apply the student’s nutritional standards intelligently to be effective, through the following tips:

Strive at breakfast

Not at lunch, but at breakfast you should try in a balanced way, that neither brings you heaviness or difficult digestions, to include much of these “superfoods” when we need it most, which is after the break and when we start the boot. This does not mean that you have to obsess and put yes or yes tuna between coffee and toast, but do not forget that much better to accompany the toast with juice or fruit than with industrial pastries.

Avoid sweets

Precisely we must eliminate all traces of saturated fats, very common in industrial pastries and other tasty but not healthy whims.

If we feel like itching between meals or while we study, let it be with something light or with nuts, cereal bars, etc.

Be creative

It is one of the keys to cooking that every student should learn. The healthy should not be treated as a religion but as something voluntary with what we feel better and enjoy, which is food after all.

Therefore, try not to force your diet, but to help you: if you do not like carrot it is as simple as not eating it and choosing another vegetable or fruit in your appetite.

If you want to enjoy the healthy properties of oatmeal but do not know how without getting bored, mix it with natural yogurt and add a handful of blueberries, and so on until you find the winning combination, which results from something healthy and rich at the same time.

Keep your schedules as fixed as possible

As is the case with the study, we should set as much as possible the same schedule for meals, conveniently indicated so that hunger and anxiety do not affect us and impair our concentration.

To do this remember that services such as the buffet restaurant or the picnic service if we are not studying at the residence, can help you have a flexible schedule and the provision of a healthy, tasty and nutritious menu.

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