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What Is Best Time To Travel Da Lat Vietnam?

The rainy season ended, the season of wild sunflowers bloom everywhere, cool atmosphere, fresh air, etc. Da Lat is being an attractive destination for tourists. We advise you what is best time to travel Da Lat?

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What Is Best Time To Travel Da Lat?

If you plan to travel Da Lat, the best time to visit Da Lat is at the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. At that time, long rains will have been ended and spells of cool wind comes. Visiting Da Lat at that time, you can take a stroll on winding roads to take a deep breath or admire wild sunflowers in blossom in two sides of roads.

Is Da Lat? Convenient For Travel

It is about 280 km from Saigon and 1,500 km from Hanoi to get Da Lat. Tourists can travel by public transport or individual vehicles (from Saigon). There are following vehicles for your choices: airplane or car. If you travel by car, you can depart at East Station (Saigon), it takes about 6 hours at the price of VND 240,000.

If travelling by airplane, you can start at Tan Son Nhat airport (Ho Chi Minh City) or Noi Bai airport (Hanoi). Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet Air serve daily flights to Da Lat. If buying air tickets on occasion of promotion programs, it costs about VND 500,000/way. For normal air ticket, it costs about VND 1.4 million/ way from Ho Chi Minh City or VND 2 million/way from Hanoi.

What is Da Lat known for?

Da Lat is well-known for the broad variety of flowers, vegetables, and fruits grown in the neighbouring farmlands. Da Lat is a popular location for honeymooners. Da Lat is largely made up of a picturesque mountain town that used to be a hill station during the French colonial era, when people came here on vacation to escape the hot heat. This fog city’s sceneries, such as Gold Stream Lake, Langbian Lake, and Tuyen Lam Lake… are not only exquisite, but also lyrical and romantic.

Every corner, every location in Da Lat entices tourists to capture the moment, space, or just mark their path there. The city’s mild temperature contrasts with Vietnam’s typically tropical environment. Spring is perpetual and “special season” in Da Lat, thanks to the mist that covers the valleys virtually year-round.

Accommodation in Da Lat

Travelling Da Lat is coming to the high season; but as a famous city for tourism, it is not surprised when Da Lat owns a lot of luxurious hotels at nice locations. The room price in Da Lat is not too expensive. It is about VND 300,000- 500,000/night. Big hotels and resorts are ranged from VND 2 million- 5 million/ night. You do not need to book in advance. It will be more convenient if you already had accommodation.

Is Da Lat Worth Visiting?

From natural to artificial, Da Lat with poetic landscapes which always have a very particular attraction for tourists. Familiar destinations such as Love Valley, Xuan Huong Lake, Bao Dai palace, etc. always attract a lot of tourists. In addition, Da Lat has many other new attractions that you can visit such as:


The clay tunnel: located on a gentle hill near Tuyen Lam lake (Da Lat), Sao Da Lat resort is a quite new destination to tourists thanks to sculptural works from its basalt soil. In addition green pine hills, the highlight of resorts are uncovered tunnels, two side walls of tunnels are sculptures, reproducing images of Da Lat. Famous buildings of the city were made of basalt soil.

Lang Biang plateau: the most interesting thing is to combine climbing and sightseeing on this legendary plateau. Especially, if you travel Da Lat at the best time, you will experience the feeling of being lifted up with the interesting paragliding.

The city flower garden: no need to go far, just need to take a stroll in the city flower garden; it is enough to see hundreds of flowers in blossom. For those who like taking photo, it is a wonderful place to save memorial moments.

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Which is the most famous festival in Dalat?

Dalat is home to hundreds of different flower species. As a result, it is easy to see that the Dalat Flower Festival is one of the classic events that have labelled the motherland of many hidden beauties. Let’s go further into what’s going on at this event! Dalat Flower Celebration is a one-of-a-kind festival celebrated in Dalat, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam.  It is an occasion to promote floral shows from both local and national areas, as well as adjacent nations. The festival, which is held every year, not only draws a large number of visitors, but it is also a significant activity that honours the values of flowers and the flower business in order to promote and attract investment.

Lam Dong has created a tea culture festival every two years to honour the tea industry and tea producers, which is celebrated the year following the flower festival. Aside from that, the festival features other activities such as seeing the tea garden, hosting a tea collection competition, and an art competition. The sites have been extended to include Dalat’s Bao Lam district, Di Linh district, and Cau Dat commune.

Discover Da Lat Cuisine

Aside from familiar dishes like noodle soup, beef noodle, rice soup, etc. you should enjoy below specialties:

Vietnamese rice cake: This is very famous dish of Da Lat, almost tourists want to try it. According to tourists, this dish is best served at stores on Tang Bat Ho street, each couple of cakes costs from VND 3,000 to VND 5,000.

Nem Lui- Grilled Chopped Meat: Ms Hung grilled chopped meat on Phan Dinh Phung is the most well-known store of Da Lat. Just sold from afternoon to night but the store is always packed with customers. Another location for this dish is Ms Nghia store on Bui Thi Xuan street.

Known as Da Lat pizza- the baked egg rice cake is one of most favorite dishes in Da Lat. Baked egg rice cake is also called Da Lat pizza that is made of rice pancakes and chicken egg and added with some green onion and dried shrimp. This kind of dish is very suitable for the cool weather. To enjoy this dish, you can visit stores right in the night market.

Hot Soy Milk: Taking a stroll at Da Lat night market, you cannot miss out the hot soy milk. After finishing your stroll, you can visit hot soy milk on the roadside. It is usually served with fried bread sticks and you can see flows of people on the street.

A Wide Range Of Souvenirs in Da Lat

Visiting Da Lat, aside from strawberries and fresh vegetables, there are many other gifts such as: strawberry jam, Kiwi jam, sweet potato jam, etc. or kinds of tea such as: atiso tea, O Long tea, etc.

Moreover, products made from wool are very nice with reasonable prices so that you can make gifts for relatives as woolen hats, gloves, scarves, wool jacket, etc.


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