What are the Best Fruits to eat at night to lose weight

We have heard the myths that Fruits to eat at night is not the best option because it is sugar and that it can make you feel heavy, etc. However, how accurate are these myths? Is it true? What fruits can I eat at night?

A nutritious dinner is essential to lose weight and maintain good health. And despite urban legends, many fruits can be an excellent choice for dinner or even for any midnight craving.

Best Fruits to eat at night


The apple is a super recommended food for any time of the day. It has few calories, lots of fiber, and dozens of nutrients.

2.Red fruits

A cup of any red fruit (strawberries, blueberry, raspberry, etc.) will give you more or less 50 calories and fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C. They also cause a satiety effect, and you can sleep lightly.


Fill yourself with vitamin C with a kiwi. Besides, its sweet taste will take away those cravings you have for dessert. Its fiber will help digestion because you can avoid constipation and feel light in the morning.

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Besides having a lot of fiber and potassium, calcium and zinc are composed of 90% water and provides few calories so you will sleep as a baby and without guilt.

You can accompany your fruit with natural or Greek yogurt and sprinkle with seeds. If you fear eating fruit at night because it will make you fat or make you feel heavy, you should know that this is a myth.

Nutritionist mentioned that the fruit contains sugars that carry calories to the diet and contribute to reaching the average 2,000 calories that an adult requires, regardless of what time they are consumed.

“The amount of fruit advised goes from 3 to 5 units of fruit a day. If you go over the number of calories you need, you will gain weight regardless of whether they are from the fruit or other food.

If what you want is to lose weight and maintain good health, we will recommend some fruits that are an excellent option for dinner or a midnight craving.

Remember not to abuse, since excess sugar becomes fat if you don’t burn calories.

Best fruits to eat at night for weight loss

Pear, apple, or, on the side of vegetables, lettuce and cherry, tomatoes are the best allies during dinner precisely because they have a combination of what was said before: they are rich in water, satiating, and help us relax.

Besides, very low in calories and with a large proportion of nutrients that help you take care of yourself while you lose weight.

At what time you should eat fruit?

Nutritionists recommend eating the fruit only in the morning, preferably until before 5 p.m., since at that time, the intensity of sunlight begins to decrease, the body is preparing to rest, and the metabolism drops. If at that time we eat fruit we will gain weight.

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