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Ways to Protect Your Home from a Break-In

Being the victim of a break-in is one of the most violating things that can happen to a homeowner. Your personal belongings are exposed to the criminals who have chosen to enter the home. To prevent this from happening, there are a few steps that can be taken. Do this beforehand to keep your valuables safe.

Research before moving in

There are good and bad neighborhoods in almost every city. In some situations, just moving one street over can make a huge difference in some situations. Assess your price range before moving, and try to put yourself into the best neighborhood you can afford. This doesn’t necessarily mean to get into the most expensive neighborhoods, but into those that have the lowest crime rates.

There are statistics that can be found online for neighborhood criminal activity. An experienced real estate agent will also be able to guide you through the process. Even with this, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in an area. Take time to drive through at various times of the day and night before making a commitment. Make sure you don’t witness any suspicious activity during this time.


For some, using the locks on the doors and closing the windows every night is enough to feel safe in their neighborhood. For others, additional security measures should be taken. Look into the cost of getting an alarm system. This could be the basic package, or include more add-ons such as window security and other features. Even just getting a sign and sticking it in your yard will prevent potential burglars from entering.

It has been statistically proven that homes with a dog are less likely to be broken into. Although not every homeowner wants a dog, it is something to consider in terms of safety. If you are completely against getting a dog or have a smaller breed, post a “beware of dog” sign somewhere on your property. Just the threat will make those looking to trespass think twice about the decision.

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Secure belongings

Some people have been the victim of a break-in because of what they have inside. Be careful who you share information with, especially if the person you are talking to is only an acquaintance. There have been valuable objects stolen from some people’s homes all because they talked too openly of what they owned.

Investing in a fireproof safe is one of the best options for those who keep valuables in the home. Invest in a large safe to store firearms, cash, important documentation, and other things. This way, even if somebody were to break-in, they would have a hard time reaching these items. Place the safe in a place that is easy for you to reach, so you can protect yourself in any situation.

Take a few extra steps to protect your family from a break-in. By making these plans before the crucial time, you will be better protected, and prepared for any situation. Don’t assume just because you live in a nice neighborhood you are exempt from being cautious; be aware of your surroundings, and possible scenarios.


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