Hair is something I’ve really got into a routine with and haven’t had too many standouts because I’ve been using the same things over and over. Where there was some killer products discovered is in the treatment category so here are my top picks from the year.

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Joico K-Pak Therapy Luster Lock  – full review
I raved about this not too long ago so I won’t bang on about it but it’s easily the best hair mask I’ve ever personally used. It’s in a squeeze tube (my fave) and you only have to apply for 3-5 minutes so it’s a quick one you can apply in the shower. It’s one that I use every couple of weeks because it does contain proteins and I try not to overload my hair. It’s functional, quick and easy-to-use so it’s a win all round.


Oribe Supershine Moisturising Cream
I haven’t spoke much about this product before but it’s one of my favourites because I really do use it most days. I’m not entirely sure what it contains that makes it work so well but it’s that added boost my hair needs being so dry and damaged. It does contain sparkles that are totally unnoticeable in the hair but they add a little shine to your locks and once you’ve applied it does weigh down the hair which is a pet hate of mine with some other oil/moisturising products. I do think it’s worth the price tag because it’s an effective treatment that really does make a noticeable difference in my routine.


VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate Steam Straightener – full review 
When I was approached by VS Sassoon to work on their campaign at the beginning of this year I never thought I would enjoy the hair straightener as much as I did/do. It’s really great if you have frizzy, unmanageable hair and it’s so easy to use. The way it smooths down the hair really sets it apart from any other hair tool I’ve used before and I’m still using it most days and loving it.


Hello Hair Hydrating Hair
I  have a love hate relationship with masks you have to sleep in or leave in your hair for a prolonged period of time because I’m not an overly careful person so I always get oil everywhere. That aside I think this product is a dream because it really does give your hair a boost. It’s essentially an oil product you pop in your hair before you shower, you can leave it on for 1/2 hour or a day, and then you wash your hair like normal. It leaves my hair feeling super smooth and hydrated which is great because my hair is super damaged. You can just use coconut oil but I like this is a blend and it’s a little easier to wash out then just regular coconut oil.


Lush Damaged Hair Mask
Another relatively new product that launched in the second half of the year was this Damaged Hair Mask from Lush. It still fiddly to use because you have to melt it down but it works a treat. It’s packed full of extra virgin oil, almond and avocado oil so it’s very nourishing for the hair and really helps your scalp as well. Again I leave this on for at least 1/2 hour or sometimes a little longer if I have the time and it just gives my hair so much nourishment which it REALLY needs.




What are your hair highlights from 2016?

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