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New kitchen hacks.

Hii, Hellooo welcome to southernspicy.  Today we are going to share 15 kitchen hacks, tips and tricks.

Cooking is all about a passion, if you love to cook then you inquire about the different recipe with different people; Watch some videos, and you may also read some recipes and try to implement those into your kitchen.

But many times when we cook we may make some mistakes no matter how senior you are.  When a new chef comes to cook they obviously make mistakes at the beginning or there’s some messiness in the kitchen.  So southern spicy felt to share certain Tips and Tricks of the kitchen.

Following are some tips and tricks for the kitchen :

# 1

The popular method of cooking rice may lead to danger. The deadly toxin has been shown to occur in the grain as a result of industrial pesticide used in the growing process.  There have been laws present since 2014 to protect the public from the high level of poison in rice.

Boiling rice in the water is totally absorbed into the rice that causes the rice to retain nearly

So some Healthy tip on cooking rice that can reduce the level of poison present at the time of consumption.

  1. Soak the rice overnight before cooking.
  2. Change the water from the rice.
  3. Then cook the rice.

Soaking will help the rice to enter the water in rice and it will lead to a decrease in the level of pesticide present in the rice.

kitchen hacks and tips

# 2

In Indian food recipes when we cook rice sometimes it becomes sticky so in such cases you can do the following thing

  1. Don’t cook rice in a tight vessel
  2. Allow the rice to cook freely.
  3. Add some drops of lemon juice to rice while cooking. It will give a nice texture and color to the rice. You can also get a nice taste by adding lemon drops into rice.

# 3

Many times when we make a tomato puree we may not get a nice RED color to it, in such case we can just add beetroot. Just half a slice of beetroot can give a nice colour to your puree. Beetroot has many health benefits as it helps to lower the Blood pressure and improves stamina.

new kitchen hacks

Beetroot is also called as chukundar in Hindi. No need to add any colour to your tomato puree.


Kitchen life hacks

When you buy any new vessel or utensil from the market you may get a sticker on it we try to remove it by doing different ways sometimes we soak it or rub it but we find it is still sticky. SO whenever you buy new vessel just gently make it warm and remove the sticker.

easy kitchen tip

# 5

When using a cling wrap, it can be difficult to pull the sheet out and usually in tears. for that, always keep it in your refrigerator and whenever you want to use it, simply take it out so whenever you use cling wrap just put it in a refrigerator after every use.

# 6

Kitchen cleaning tip

A tip is related to chopping board we use chopping board every time when we cook. After several uses, it becomes black or brown at that time you just sprinkle a baking soda on the chopping board and then rub it with half slice of the lemon. After some time you can see that your chop board is looking New.

# 7

Indian recipe while making biryani we cook it on a low flame, which usually means the rice gets stuck to the bottom of the pan for which, you can keep a tawa below the pan, but even if you do this many times your biryani sticks to the pan and gets overcooked so to get rid of this you can do one thing that is cut thin slices of potato lay at the bottom of biryani making pan spread the biryani on it. With this, your biryani won’t stick to the bottom at all.

# 8

If you are using a peeler to peel ginger then definitely you will waste some part of ginger, instead, if you use a spoon to peel ginger then it will peel right off.

# 9

Kitchen storage idea

To keep green chilies fresh for a month you can just remove the top part of the green chilies and put it in an airtight container and refrigerate it.

# 10

Easy  storage

Usually, we make rayta in summer and leftover rayta we put into the refrigerator after some hours when we take it out it develops some smell and also it becomes sour. So to avoid that don’t add salt in your rayta in advance, add salt before some time of serving it. You can also add two to three tablespoons of milk.

# 11

A tip related to fruit

When we get a bunch of bananas , they rot quickly because bananas release ethylene which rots them really quick for this, separate them cover the top of every banana with a silver foil paper make sure that the banana’s top is covered with foil completely you can store them for longer they won’t rot that quickly you can store them for longer.

# 12

Kitchen hacks

To store curry leaves wash them dry them up with a paper towel or kitchen towel the moisture should vanish and they should be completely dry put them in an airtight container place a paper towel or tissue paper on top and close store in the refrigerator the tissue will ensure no moisture you can store these for 25-30 days.


When you want to store salt, especially in monsoon season just put in 10-15 kidney beans it will ensure that the salt doesn’t go bad OR just place two biscuits this is very useful during the monsoon season.

# 14

Cooking tip

Whenever recipes require us to use butter add a little oil with butter cook on the low medium flame to avoid butter from burning.

# 15

Whenever your gravy curry gets thin or flawy you can, of course, add boiled potato, you can also do this mix some water with rice flour and add it in your curry you will get nice thick curry.


Hope the above kitchen storage ideas, cooking hacks, Indian food cooking tips, cleaning tips will be useful for smooth maintenance of the kitchen.



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