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Tips to Find Your Inner Entrepreneur

If you’re new here and haven’t seen anything else on my blog yet, it’s good to know that I’m a big advocate of side hustles. I started freelance writing online when I was still in college. Sure, I was doing it then so I could have more money to go out, but it’s definitely turned into much, much more than that. I had to find my inner entrepreneur first.

There are people everywhere who will tell you about their side activities. And to be honest, it can get pretty overwhelming, to say the least. If I hadn’t started over 8 years ago, I would probably be very confused trying to choose what was right for me.

In fact, I still struggled to find my “passions” along the way. But I have some great tips that will help you find the entrepreneur in you so you can start making some extra money every month. It’s no secret that I’ve had moderate success as a freelance writer. Not that people associate my name with it (other than my friends and family) because I mostly ghostwrite, but money talks.

I made decent amount of money last year by writing online after work which you can read more about in this blog post. But trust me that it did not happen overnight. I didn’t even start out with freelance writing. I tried some other stuff first before I really found what I was good at and enjoyed!

How I Failed a Few Times Before I Succeeded

When I first started searching for ways to make some extra money for fun college activities, I just dived right into the first thing I could find.

Unfortunately for me, it was not a winner based on my skills and what I liked. I started with an MLM, or multi level marketing company.

If you don’t what what that is by the name, you probably know it by the companies. Some companies that are popular MLMs today include Lip Sense (Senegence), Mary Kay, and It Works!

If MLM is something that works for you, that is fantastic! However, it was not something that worked for me. I crashed and burned HARD.

I made no money off of it and actually just lost money because I had to purchase the starter kit. In the moment, I thought I liked the product but I was young and dumb and didn’t really understand all of it.

In the end, it wasn’t for me but that did not stop me from trying to figure out what else I could do. I really wanted that extra cash!

My Next Semi-Failure/Semi-Success

Once I failed at MLM, I set out to find something that I actually liked. And KNEW I liked.

And that thing was photography. I absolutely love taking pictures (although I am super rusty now) and I figured that since I loved it, why not use it to make money.

Makes perfect sense, right? Well, you would think. But see, the problem with my thinking was that even though I really enjoyed it, it still felt like work when I had to sit down and actually edit the pictures.

I think that was also partially because I was studying photography in college as my minor and when I wasn’t doing it to try to make money, I was doing it for a grade.

Strangely enough, I enjoyed doing it for the grade more than I enjoyed doing it for money.

As a newbie photographer without any business experience at the time, I actually made a solid chunk of change and it met my goal of making money for fun.

However, doing the work took all of the fun out of photography and it really felt like a job. So in the end, I would classify it as a semi-failure and a semi-success.

It worked but it didn’t.

I still love to take pictures (although my camera is super outdated) on trips and of friends if they ask me to but now I do it because I enjoy doing it, not because I need money from it.

And for me, that is a lot more enjoyable. Photography is a side hobby for me when I have time, not a side hustle. And that is okay.

I was still on my path to find my inner entrepreneur that would take me to new heights.

How I Found My Calling

I honestly do not even know how I came across the first website that I used to make money writing but I am super thankful I found it.

What I do remember before I started writing was that I sat down and took the lessons from my two previous choices. Once I did that, I was able to really focus on what was going to be the right option for me.

I needed something I already knew how to do (MLM, not you!) but also something that I could do for money that would not take the fun out it (photography, lookin’ at you!).

And I thought about it for a long time. That process eventually led me to writing.

I have always loved writing. I have always been good at it. It is something that comes naturally to me and I get very few complaints from it.

I figured it would be worth the shot. And I was right. There are still times when I get a bit overwhelmed with it, like any job, but I always come back refreshed and ready to take on any topic.

Now that I have my blog, I can write about what I want to write about. However, when I first started, I was writing strictly for clients based on what they wanted and needed at that specific time.

And I have written probably close to 2 millions words for difference clients over the years. Both forms of writing are fun for me.

For clients, I get to do some research about things I normally would not even think of. It expands my mind. It makes me smarter and helps me keep up with current trends.

With this blog, I get to teach things I have learned along the way from life, clients, experiences, and my own research. And that is equally, if not more, rewarding for me.

Since starting the blog, I have cut back on writing for clients but I still do it to bring in some more income. For the foreseeable future, I don’t plan on fully stopping.

Who knows where that will lead in the future but for now, I have been writing for over 8 years and I am not tired of it at all. Not in the least.

Tips to Find Your Own Inner Entrepreneur


If you take away nothing else from my experience, I want you to take this:

Failure is not failure unless you allow it to be.

I took those “failures” and made some valuable lessons from them. Without those failures, I would not have found my passion as quickly as I did or even at all.

I wouldn’t have found my inner entrepreneur. If you talk to any entrepreneur that you know, she will tell you that failing is part of the process.

However, another key part of it is not letting it get you down. You have to rise from the ashes, so to say. If you do not keep trying, you will never find your inner entrepreneur.

You have to work at it. You have to keep trying new things. It’s okay to fail. If I were starting fresh today and wanted to find my own side hustle, these are the things I would do first:

  • List things that you currently like to do.
  • List things that you want to learn how to do.
  • Try to find ways to make one or two of the things from your list profitable.
  • Do some research so you really understand what is involved in that business (if possible).
  • Try it out. Get your feet wet.
  • If you fail, go back to the beginning of the list and try it again.

You can do this. If you want to start a side hustle, it is absolutely possible if you work hard at it and it is something that you will not get bored with in a few weeks.

Don’t be afraid to do it, whatever it is. Get out there and find your passion, your inner entrepreneur, and a little extra money along the way, too.

Do you currently have a side hustle? Are you struggling trying to find one? Let me know in the comments! You have an inner entrepreneur, you just have to find it.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What are the characteristics of entrepreneur

An entrepreneur, by definition, takes risks rather than avoids them. He is always willing to accept any losses that may result from the new ideas and ventures he pursues. This willingness to accept risks enables an entrepreneur to take on new projects and enhance his efforts. While there is no definite answer to what makes a great entrepreneur, some qualities resurface in the most important individuals again and time again. Great business owners come from many walks of life. It is stated in Entrepreneurship Essentials that “there is no one personality profile, and it is crucial to concentrate on the entrepreneurial team rather than the individual.”

Successful entrepreneurs are enthusiastic about their work. Successful entrepreneurs feel their offering is a game changer, whether it’s a new innovation, an enhancement on an old product, or a novel service, and they know why. They also know how to share their enthusiasm with others.

Successful entrepreneurs are also flexible individuals. Organizations must modify their work cultures today to accommodate the flexible expectations of millennials. Entrepreneurship entails a never-ending quest for fresh ideas. Entrepreneurship requires a person to constantly assess current ways of company operation in order to design and implement more efficient and effective processes. In other words, entrepreneurship is a never-ending attempt to synergize (improve performance) in companies.

An entrepreneur must make difficult choices and support them in order to be successful. As a leader, they are in charge of steering the course of their company, encompassing everything from funding and strategy to resource allocation. Being decisive does not necessarily imply being correct. To be an entrepreneur, you must have the courage to make difficult choices and see them through to completion. If the conclusion is not positive, the choice to take remedial action is as crucial.

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What is MLM?

Multilevel marketing (MLM) is a business strategy that involves hierarchical, non-salaried sales teams selling items directly to customers, as well as the corporation recruiting new sales representatives. Referral marketing and network marketing are other terms for multilevel marketing.

A typical Multi-Level Marketing scheme involves recruiting. You are invited to become a distributor, sometimes through another distributor of the company’s products and sometimes through a generally advertised meeting. If you opt to become a distributor for the direct selling organisation, you will earn money both from MLM product sales and by recruiting other distributors and receive a portion of the revenue generated by these distributors.

Multilevel marketing is illustrated by Avon. Sales are generated via a network of salespeople, presentations, or one-on-one settings in homes or companies, according to the company’s business plan. Avon, like other multilevel marketing organisations, does not typically have a dedicated retail presence.

What education is needed for an entrepreneur?

Having some business education and training is beneficial since it allows you to gain the necessary abilities to transform an original concept into a profitable firm. So, what are the typical qualifications of an entrepreneur?

Most entrepreneurs begin with a business degree or a more specialised degree in entrepreneurship, and then continue their education in an MBA programme. Students in entrepreneurship MBA programmes are encouraged to use their creative abilities while they study how to establish enterprises. Work-related experience or research directly relevant to your topic of interest is the first form of schooling to consider. If you want to operate an auto business, you will certainly need some auto repair schooling and certificates. If you want to work as a self-employed electrician, you will require the most up-to-date wiring and circuitry education and training. Food service training would be beneficial if you wish to own a restaurant.

Managing funds is an important aspect of launching your own company. This involves ensuring that you have sufficient funds to function after paying staff, rent, and suppliers. A finance degree teaches you how to manage your cash flow, optimise your budget, and create financial statements. In addition, you will learn how to examine a company’s financial status in order to make strategic choices. Entrepreneurs may learn how to analyse risks and avoid future financial difficulties by studying finance.

Entrepreneurship may be a great way to gain financial independence, but it takes a lot of time, hard work, and patience to develop a successful firm. A college degree, on the other hand, is not essential to start a company, although it surely helps. College educates students not just academic subjects that may be used to beginning a company, but also soft skills such as being a lifelong learner.

Can anyone be an entrepreneur?

Yes, everyone may start their own firm and become an entrepreneur, but not everyone will be as successful. Entrepreneurship takes a great deal of experience, drive, and, in some cases, education. Building a company requires a lot of effort and time, which is why so few individuals are successful. It would be easy to just find a job and work for money in the short term, but a real entrepreneur wants to make money work for him by developing a company. However, there are no requirements for being an entrepreneur, and great entrepreneurs come from various walks of life.

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There are several reasons why individuals opt to become entrepreneurs rather than go the more conventional path of working for someone else. Only you can determine what life is best for you, yet the unpredictability of business comes with enormous freedom and responsibility. A readiness to be flexible is part of this determination to do whatever it takes. To be successful, you must be willing to study what works and what does not, as well as adjust rapidly. Some entrepreneurs are tremendously motivated to succeed and will work relentlessly to make their firm a success, but they lack the desire to adjust. These folks are likely to struggle since change and adaptability are essential for creating anything new.

If the only magical ingredient is an idea, anybody can become an entrepreneur. The remainder is just a collection of traits and beliefs. Entrepreneurs are unwavering in their belief in their ideas and their ability to materialise them, and they are determined to labour until they accomplish their objectives.


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