Thistle Meal Delivery Review

One of the finest aspects of being born in the twenty-first century has to be food delivery. Consider this service without any prior notions. You download an app, enter your information, choose the meal you want, order it, pay for it, and wait for someone to ring your doorbell and deliver hot food to your home. What exactly are you talking about?

And no one is more qualified to do so than Thistle. While many people are familiar with Thistle as the sustainable food service known for its incredible fresh-pressed juices and plant-based options, thistle is truly the complete package when it comes to meal delivery. Their plant-based menu options provide a healthy and flavorful alternative to your regular fare. They’re not only plant-based, but they also serve vegan full-course meals.

What Is Thistle Meal Delivery?

Thistle Salad

Thistle was founded in 2013 by Ashwin Cheriyan with the goal of providing a safe and plentiful food supply made up of real, whole foods that promote human health while also reducing the environmental footprint. The company’s mission is a plant-forward, gluten- and dairy-free, organic whenever possible, and nutritionally balanced to keep you motivated, empowered, and focused throughout the day.

Thistle is currently giving food deliver service in California and six other West Coast states. They do, however, intend to expand in the future. They also revealed an expansion in the works a few months ago, as well as intentions to open a plant on the East Coast. And, given their current pace, we believe it will happen soon. They provide customers nutritionally balanced full-course meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as snacks and fresh juices.

Thistle food delivery service isn’t a Hello Fresh-style meal-kit delivery business. You’ll get full, ready-to-eat meals that don’t require any additional ingredients or preparation. Thistle doesn’t even require the use of a kitchen. Your ready-to-eat meal will be delivered to your home or workplace. Thistle’s meals and juices are prepared by an in-house team of chefs that specialize in gluten-free, dairy-free, and organic cuisine. The company entices with promises of healthy, delicious sauces, delectable coconut creams, and unique nut cheeses.

How Does Thistle Food Delivery Works?

Thistle daily meals

Thistle is a food delivery service that creates, prepares, and delivers meals to people and organizations. Thistle meals are reinvented every week, with new things being added to the menu on a regular basis. This distinguishes them from other similar services in the area.

You may change your meal plans at any time, turning your Thistle salad delivery into anything else for the following week if you let them know ahead of time. You can always put off that super-healthy supper with the peas you don’t care for until the following week. Just make sure you let Thistle know ahead of time! It’s fine if you’re not a fan. Your subscription can be simply paused or cancelled at any time. Furthermore, both shipping and delivery are free.

Thistle truly shines when it comes to assisting you in eating balanced, portion-controlled meals. You may also feel good about what you’re eating because the majority of the ingredients on your plate are obtained locally and sustainably. The Thistle cost and price are fair and reasonable, and the restaurant serves high-quality food to its clients. Thistle usually delivers on Mondays or Thursdays in the mornings, or on Sundays and Wednesday evenings. The consumer can choose the time frames and days that are most convenient for them.

Thistle Food Local Delivery Zone

Thistle Vegan Food

If you live in the Thistle local delivery zone, you have a number of options. You have four boxes to pick from if you’re only in the shipping zone. In a moment, we’ll dive into the differences between local delivery and shipping zones. Let’s start by unwrapping the alternatives to get to the heart of what Thistle has to offer. If you’re a local client, this is what the “complete menu” looks like.

For Vegan:

  • Vegan Lunch.
  • Vegan Dinner.
  • Vegan Lunch + Dinner.
  • Full-Day Vegan.

For Omnivore:

  • Omnivore Lunch.
  • Omnivore Dinner.
  • Omnivore Lunch + Dinner.
  • Full-Day Omnivore.

If you’re only in Thistle’s shipment zone, your options are limited. We’ll get into more detail on what that implies a little later in this review. If you’re still undecided about Thistle, now is an excellent moment to weigh the benefits and drawbacks. While there’s a lot to like about these delicious, ultra-fresh meals, some people will find Thistle to be restrictive.

Thistle Meal Plans Review

Because Thistle’s menu is always changing, you’ll want to dive in and sample a few items on your own to determine if this is your culinary speed. Overall, the meals achieve the cutting-edge, well packaged atmosphere of a company like Hello Fresh while also making you feel as if a friend who owns the local eco-friendly agricultural cooperative just dropped off a special present for you!

I’ve tried around six different meal delivery services, all of which focus on a clean, Paleo, or keto diet. After a month or two, all of the other corporations grew tired of it. Their meal was boring, predictable, and the quality of the meal was poor due to the packaging. However, Thistle! I’ve had it for over two months and haven’t grown tired of it; the food is fresh, and it tastes exactly like I bought it at the grocery store, brought it home, and prepared it myself! Naturally, there are some items on their menu that I do not always enjoy, but I enjoy trying new things.

Thistle is one of the greatest applications I’ve used for getting genuinely healthy, nutritious food. Thistle works in a hassle-free manner, allowing one to choose their meals with some of the best-functioning meal schemes and delivery alternatives. They have a vast range of options for you to pick from. Customers can choose whether they want to be a little more daring or stick to the tried and true.

The Thistle menu, which bills itself as a start-up and a farm-to-table restaurant, also offers their weekly meal lineups as well as detailed information about each of their meals, such as ingredients, nutritional breakdowns, reviews, and other details.

Thistle Food Deliver Features

There are a plethora of meal and food delivery services vying for your money. What distinguishes Thistle from the competition? Well Thistle has a number of distinguishing characteristics, including:

  • Rich in Nutrients: Each Thistle meal contains an average of 5.8 different fruits and vegetables. Please note that the company does not promise to provide 5.8 servings of fruits and vegetables; rather, it claims to provide 5.8 different fruits and vegetables.
  • Organic: Thistle uses only organic produce that is free of preservatives and genetically modified organisms.
  • Gluten Free:To keep the dishes gluten-free and dairy-free, items including lentils, quinoa, black rice, and tempeh are used.
  • High Protein Content and SuperFoods:Thistle foods are considered to be rich in protein from both plant and animal based sources. According to Thistle, superfoods may be found in every dish. Turmeric, hemp, ginger, matcha, chia, moringa, and other trendy ingredients are included on their menu.

Is Thistle Food Delivery Vegan?

Thistle Vegan MealThistle isn’t entirely vegan, but it is quite vegan-friendly. They include a vegan and non-vegan meal subscription option. However, even the non-vegan subscription is dairy-free and “plant-focused,” so you may offer it to friends who want to reduce their animal product use but aren’t quite ready to go vegan.

Perhaps they’ll eventually switch to Thistle’s vegan subscription! Thistle foods are completely dairy-free (meaning no milk or cheese), as well as gluten-free. There are no eggs in the meals, however there is an egg add-on option. Thistle provides breakfast, lunch, and supper meals, as well as snacks, juices, and other beverages. Every lunch and dinner meal starts with a vegan basis and then includes a vegan or non-vegan protein, depending on whether you opt for the vegan subscription or not.

Each meal’s vegan version is a few dollars cheaper than the non-vegan one! Apart from the price and the type of protein, the vegan and non-vegan meals are identical in every way.

What You can expect during Thistle Food deliveries?

Thistle meal delivery drivers will knock on your door and ring your intercom or doorbell by default. If no one responds, The driver will contact you via phone. If he is unable to make contact, after 5 minutes the driver will leave without delivering the package.

If it is safe to leave the delivery unattended, you do not need to be there to accept it (be sure to provide delivery instructions). You can select “leave unattended” in your delivery address options; if you do not do so, the driver will hand off the package to you. If you don’t want to be disturbed or are up that early, you can also pick “don’t ring doorbell.” You can also opt in or out of receiving text message alerts in your settings.

Thistle will not attempt to contact you if you have chosen Overnight delivery. If you’ve chosen evening delivery, it means the evening before Mondays and Thursdays, which means Sunday and Wednesday nights!

How much does Thistle Food Delivery cost?

Thistle offers many different plans, each with a varied price and amount depending upon type of meals. Below are the details.

  • Vegan lunch (3 days per week): $43.5
  • Vegan dinner (3 days per week): $43.5
  • Vegan lunch (5 days per week): $70
  • Vegan dinner (6 days per week): $84
  • Vegan lunch and dinner (5 days per week): $125
  • Vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner (6 days per week): $207

For omnivorous plans, which includes meat, fish, or poultry:

  • Omnivore lunch (5 days per week): $81.25
  • Omnivore dinner (6 days per week): $97.5
  • Omnivore lunch and dinner (5 days per week): $147.5
  • Omnivore breakfast, lunch, and dinner (6 days per week): $234

How many servings are in a Thistle Meal?

Although our sauces/dressings are normally 2.5 servings, each Thistle meal is one serve. The nutrition facts are for one serving. By clicking on the images of each meal, you can get the nutritional information for that meal. You may always add more subscriptions to your account to feed additional family members! At this moment, Thistle do not have any kid-friendly options.

Thistle is dedicated to providing organic (where available), local, and sustainable products. We seek out and create relationships with only local purveyors who share our dedication to supporting individual wellness and a healthy environment through farmer’s markets and intentional sourcing.

Does Thistle provides meals for Weight Loss?

If you combine thistle with a healthy lifestyle, you can lose weight. Thistle food is intended to assist you in achieving your ideal weight, increasing your energy levels, reducing bloat, improving digestion, and improving mental focus. Individual results are influenced by a variety of factors, including your typical diet outside of Thistle, the amount of weight you need to lose (or gain), and your level of physical activity.

To begin, it’s crucial to understand that Thistle is not a weight-loss program. Many people, however, feel that the meals provided by Thistle help them eat in a balanced manner, which benefits in weight loss. Thistle isn’t going to be your dietitian. That is not the purpose of their service. It is, however, your source for nutritional meals that can assist you in achieving your objectives by keeping you on track with healthy, pleasant meals.

Because the majority of Thistle meals are between 400 and 600 calories, most subscribers who consume exclusively Thistle meals will lose weight. Thistle soups are 150-200 calories on average, with at least 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of fibre. The snacks are usually between 300 and 400 calories. They can be eaten all at once or split into two meals and eaten at separate times throughout the day. Snacks and liquids are available for people who need more calories during the day to stay in shape or sustain an active lifestyle. Above all, Thistle programs are meant to make you feel as healthy as the meals and drinks you’re consuming!

Final Thoughts

Thistle adds flavour to nutritious foods and makes them simple to prepare. The freshness of the vegetables is ensured by the twice-weekly delivery. After a meal, I feel fantastic. It is not heavy or sluggish. Thistle is without a doubt the best food delivery service I’ve ever used. Blue Apron, Sunbasket, Purple Carrot, and Hello Fresh are among them.

Is it worth the money? Thistle is definitely worth a look if you hate to cook, want to take a break from cooking, or are too busy to think about cooking but yet want nutritionally good and varied meals with the convenience of free delivery in California. If you’re searching for a simple way to eat healthy, plant-based meals that are always free of gluten, eggs, dairy, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, and additives, thistle is well worth it.


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