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I am blessed.  And I forget it every single day.  I wake up in the morning dreading having to crawl out from the warmth of my bed and into the frigid tundra that is winter in Indiana for 4 months out of the year. I complain about the post-work crowd at the gym and how it takes 2x as long to get my workout done because of it. I curse God every time I hit a red light when I’m late to an event or even just to meet up with my boyfriend after work.  And then, I have moments like this, as I’m writing now, when I realize how petty all of those things are, and I feel ashamed for not feeling grateful – because there are mothers living no more than 5 miles from me worried about providing their kids’ next meal, and I’m here pissed at the world because Wal-Mart ran out of Soft Batch cookies.  Pathetic.

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I don’t know why, but Halloween tends to creep up on me every year (you know you want to laugh at that pun). It seems that I get so distracted by everything else fall-related – the bonfires, soccer games, boots, scarves, pumpkin patches, football tailgates, etc. – that I forget how quickly October 31st approaches. What’s even worse is that I’ve spent so much money buying pumpkin-scented candles and cider ales that I’m usually left with little to nothing in my Halloween budget. How am I supposed to put together a kickass costume AND still have money to transport me to and from the bars, with a decent amount of drinks in-between, when I’m running on “E” in my monthly “fun” budget?

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my bathroom remodel – going from a tiny broom closet to a freaking toilet palace was like winning the lottery and discovering calorie-less Reese’s peanut butter cups all in the same day.   I still marvel at the fact that I no longer have to suds up behind a shower curtain and have space around my sink where I can put my toothbrush. However, even though the main fixtures were all complete (and I was loving them), there was the small matter of decorating my sparse space.

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I realize this is going to sound like an exaggeration, but I was living in bathroom hell. HELL. Let me paint the picture for you: my bathroom was tiny. Tiny as in Jonah Hill, circa “SuperBad” days, probably wouldn’t have been able to fit inside it. It also had a pedestal sink, which is a woman’s worst nightmare. Where do I put my straightener to heat up? Where am I supposed to store all my nail polish? Seriously, I was using the toilet as counter space for my make-up. How unsanitary.

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