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Every year goes by quickly, but it seems like 2015 went by faster than any other year.

Does it seem like that?

Here’s my 2015 in review.


I went back to work after 10 weeks of maternity leave. I dreaded it because of the commute, but at the same time was a bit relieved to take a break from all the chaos at home. Being a new mother and adjusting my role as a wife was one of the most challenging experiences I’ve gone through.



Pumping at work was a bit awkward. My boss did his best to accommodate me in every way he could, and he did a great job at that. I had the conference room to myself where I occupied every three hours so I could get my milk on. Pumping was not fun. My neck hurt from looking down (you know, to make sure things were still flowing and such) and my milk production was slowing down, too. I was able to fill about 3 ounces per session.


The load increased at work. Pumping became almost non-existent since I had to start supplementing with formula. I wasn’t torn about this and I didn’t quite feel guilty about it because I knew my baby was still eating, but it sucked that I couldn’t feed her breast milk like I’ve been doing since she was born. I blame work for my decrease of milk supply.


I was asked to do my first sponsored post for Zazzle. It was a Mother’s Day post and I had a LOT of fun with it! I was nervous that they wouldn’t ask me to participate again because it was a one-time-thing, but they’ve continued to ask me throughout the year and they’ve been so much fun to work with! I also completely stopped breast feeding and pumping.


This month must’ve just flown by because I don’t remember too much… Or maybe I’m just having mommy brain. Oh wait, I remember! This was my first Mother’s Day! My family and I celebrated at a brunch and my mom gave me card. She always writes something short and sweet in her cards, and this was the first time she made me cry. She wrote, “Thank you for giving us the greatest grandchild ever!” I don’t know what it was in me. But I cried and was totally embarrassed about it because I don’t like to show my soft spot in front of people. Gah, I love her so much.


I found a Father’s Day card that accurately looked like my dad. I couldn’t help myself but to snag it for him! This was also Aaron’s first Father’s Day. I don’t know why, but Father’s Day doesn’t appear to be as big of a deal as Mother’s Day. Is it just me? I don’t quite remember what we did for Father’s Day… Man, I know if Aaron were to read this, he’d be upset that I don’t remember. Yikes! I always remember this Father’s Day card I gave to my dad one year. It said, “The only reason why Father’s Day exists… is because a month after Mother’s Day, someone said ‘Wait a minute…'” Hahahaha! I wanna give that card every year, but that’d be lame.


I believe this is the month that Aria began trying to walk. She’d hold on to the coffee table to lift herself up and practice balancing. If she took a step forward, she’d catch her balance again. It was so interesting to watch her learn how to balance~ I applied it to my own life about learning how to do anything. Baby steps… baby steps… if you fall down, just get up again.


I turned 30. Aaron took us to the Hilton Hawaiian Village where we stayed for the weekend {even though I wanted to stay home}. We had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and I remember that was the first time I wore my “dressy” wedges since I was pregnant. Wedges + walking around Waikiki = bad idea for your feet. I remember that night being so HOT. People were trying to stay indoors to catch some AC because it was so flippin’ humid outside at 7pm!


My employer held a company-wide event at the water park where employees could bring their families to enjoy a day together. It was free (thank goodness) and as much as I wanted to be there early, we arrived at 2pm. Aaron was kinda taking his time because he’d never been to the water park before {how did he ever live?!}. Aria was amazed by all the new sights around her. It was cute watching her grab the water. 🙂 We almost missed our assigned lunch time which frustrated me because Aaron makes us late to everythinggggg. And he won’t admit it.


This was a busy month. I was planning for Aria’s first birthday party and stressing over what to get Aaron for his birthday. We also went searching for a Halloween costume for Aria and she was a Cutie Cat! I wrote a post about infant Halloween costumes and as much as I wanted Aria to dress up as Anna from Frozen, we couldn’t order it in time to arrive from Amazon, so we just picked up a costume from Party City. I wanted to just take Aria around the neighborhood, but Aaron wanted to take her to the mall, so we did… and we arrived late… again… so late that trick-or-treating was DONE as soon as we arrived. Ughhhhh.


We celebrated Aria’s first birthday! Aaron and I were reflecting upon the past year and just enjoyed being amazed by how much we had all grown as a family. Life was very stressful during those first few months as we adjusted to being new parents and how that affected our relationship to each other. First birthdays are a huge deal in Hawaii. As much as I wanted it to be a small party, we ended up having around 60 people attending because “we couldn’t invite so-and-so without inviting so-and-so.” That’s just how it goes, you know?

We also hosted Thanksgiving at our house. My parents spent the night the day before to make cooking easier. It was nice having them over. Every Thanksgiving is when we also pull names for our annual Secret Santa tradition!


I was honestly nervous about this month. Gift giving is always a challenge for me, but I really do try my best by putting a TON of thought into it. I was really just preparing myself for the worse this month {Aaron and I have had our disagreements}, so I really only showed my excitement for Christmas on my blog. Not that I was a Grinch IRL or anything. Christmas ended up being a nice experience this year.

I really do try to keep things positive on my blog, but sometimes the truth needs to leak out a little bit to shed light that my life isn’t as happy as it seems. Marriage is a struggle at times, and the struggle is real. I’m actually looking forward to writing my goals down for 2016 through this pretty “Year of Goals” binder I found, and it’s only $3.97! What the heck?! Yes, I’m excited.

And that reminds me that I need to start my file cabinet for the upcoming year, too. I wrote a post about that in January and soooo many people have found my blog through that post. It’s amazing!


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