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The Three Elements and Seven Rules of Motivation

As children we dream and play make-believe, but as we get older, we are told to quit dreaming and face reality. Education is prioritized above all else, whereas dreams are deemed unimportant. Yet. there has never been a success that did not start with a dream. There has never been any success without numerous setbacks.

During the dreaming stage, one is alone with his seemly impossible ideas. When talking about ideas, the first reaction is… “That’s crazy?” Remember that all great inventors and achievers go through this phase, especially during the failure days. After a few successes everyone will support any idea you have. It takes persistence to find what works. Only you realize your ideas have possibilities, others will not realize possibilities until you prove them to be of value.

Motivation: Three Elements

Motivation starts with the desire to be free to live the lifestyle we dream of, freedom to explore our ideas. Total freedom is not possible or desirable, but the struggle to achieve that ideal is the basis for motivation.

Motivation is built on three basic elements:

  1. Motivation starts with a need, vision, dream or desire to achieve the seemingly impossible. Creativity is associated with ideas, projects and goals, which can be considered a path to freedom.
  2. Develop a love-to-learn life pattern, become involved with risky ventures and continually seek new opportunities. Success is based on learning what works and does not work.
  3. Developing the ability to overcome barriers and to bounce back from discouragement or failure. Achievers learn to tolerate the agony of failure. In any worthwhile endeavor, barriers and failure will be there. Bouncing back requires creative thinking as it is a learning process. In addition, bouncing back requires starting again at square one.

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A loss of any one part and motivation is on the rocks. For example:

  1. If you like to be creative and love to learn but cannot face up to failure, you will not go back and try again. Persistence is associated with bouncing back.
  2. If you have a unique idea but don’t like taking risks, ideas is all you will ever have.
  3. There must be something in your life that turns you on. You can start by analyzing the lifestyle of your dreams. Remember, money is not a goal, it is a reward for achieving a goal.

Motivation: Seven Rules

  1. Set a major goal, but follow a path. The path has mini goals that go in many directions. When you learn to succeed at mini goals, you will be motivated to challenge grand goals.
  2. Finish what you start. A half finished project is of no use to anyone. Quitting is a habit. Develop the habit of finishing self-motivated projects.
  3. Socialize with others of similar interest. Mutual support is motivating. We will develop the attitudes of our five best friends. If they are losers, we will be a loser. If they are winners, we will be a winner.
  4. Learn how to learn. Dependency on others for knowledge supports the habit of procrastination. Man has the ability to learn without instructors. In fact, when we learn the art of self-education we will find, if not create, opportunity to find success beyond our wildest dreams.
  5. Harmonize natural talent with interest that motivates. Natural talent creates motivation, motivation creates persistence and persistence gets the job done.
  6. Increase knowledge of subjects that inspires. The more we know about a subject, the more we want to learn about it. A self-propelled upward spiral develops.
  7. Take risks. Failure and bouncing back are elements of motivation. Failure is a learning tool. No one has ever succeeded at anything worthwhile without a string of failures.

How to Develop Positive Personality

Each of us has an own personality. We may dispel the misconception that only “macho males and beautiful girls” have personalities when we recognize that personality encompasses thinking, creativity, intelligence, and environmental adaptation. Psychologists claim that each of us has a distinct personality.

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Try to see the opportunities rather than the barriers or failures

For example losing a job you adore is difficult, it can be an opportunity to rejuvenate yourself, venture outside of your comfort zone, find yourself, pursue a passion you have previously neglected, or even start your own business. Of course, it’s not a matter of denying one’s emotions or feelings in the face of a difficult scenario; rather, it’s a matter of viewing the situation differently and attempting to take some benefit from it.

Make strong family relationship

When a family member has a dynamic and cheerful personality that is full of joy and happiness, the home environment is warm and pleasant. It’s the joy and laughter that make the house a comfortable place to live. Your interactions with your partner, parents, and children reveal a lot about your personality. A shaky connection demonstrates a lack of trust and confidence. If you don’t have a good family relationship, it will show up in your other relationships as well.

Remove Negativity

You are not a negative person because of the media, your neighbor, the government, or even the Pope. It’s entirely your fault! If you frequently watch the news on television, read the newspaper, or listen to the radio, for example, you are the one who chooses to let negative thoughts flood your mind. We are aware that the news offered by the media is terrible, but we continue to watch it!

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You don’t need to know that a house burned down kilometers away from yours or that a dog mauled a child, believe it or not…The world is not as horrible as you believe it to be!

Stop Worrying and Embrace your Life

Take pleasure in every moment of your life. Stop worrying about unimportant details and begin focusing on the things that are truly essential to you right now. Begin making the necessary changes as soon as possible. The decisions you make affect the rest of your life. It is your responsibility and you have the power to have the life you want. Make decisions that will help you advance in life.

Make Friendship with Positive People

Choose friends who will nurture you and assist you in improving yourself. It’s not about turning your back on a friend because he has a problem or because his style of life differs from ours; it’s about realizing that adopting the same conduct would not benefit you. You’ll be able to truly assist him without becoming addicted to his low energetic vibration feelings.


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