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I think because they have no agency of their own, the treatment of animals bothers me a lot. Starting, ironically, while I lived in China, my meat consumption decreased based on the cultural norms there. Meat is not the main event of the meal, although that is changing. Since returning to the U.S. four years ago and learning the benefits of a plant-based diet, I have gradually turned to a vegetarian lifestyle. Naturally, I have begun thinking about the animals that are part of the fashion industry as fur and leather.

I have actually never been okay with new fur, but have entertained the possibility of vintage. I think that option is closed for me, as I don’t even want to promote the fashion of fur now (though I do own a faux fur coat that is quite warm). Animals farmed for their fur are subjected to life in tiny wire cages with no bedding, often going long periods without food or water. They are often handled roughly and their death is brutal, with methods including suffocation, electrocution, gas, and poison. More than half the fur in the U.S. comes from China, where millions of dogs and cats (deliberately mislabeled as other animals) are bludgeoned, hanged, bled to death, and often skinned alive for their fur. This link will provide you with more information on the Chinese fur industry, but I want to warn you about the video there; I honestly felt faint from the gruesomeness of it. If you don’t believe that animals suffer for materials that we don’t really require to keep warm, then this is the video for you.

Moving on. What will I do? I think the answer is pretty simple for this one: I won’t buy it. Vegan leather has come a long way and is a viable alternative. Vintage may be my saving grace when it comes to something like boots or sneakers. And isn’t that better than adding to the pool of new goods, even if they are vegan? I do think this one is going to prove harder than it seems and I will definitely share the obstacles I encounter along the way.


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