The Lessons of Travel

So, sorry to be out of sorts this past week! Traveling definitely affected my blogging situation more than I anticipated! Particularly the whole “$20/day for internet” thing. I’m home now, and normalcy shall be reinstated; I promise to have some recipes up again soon. And to respond to your lovely comments and emails. And to get caught up on pretty much everything in general. : ) In the meantime, I think I’m going to keep this post short for both our sakes… My thoughts aren’t exactly coherent at this point, as I’ve come down with quite the cold. Whenever I travel I get sick — is that just me? Actually, the Husband has it too…and we literally spent 90% of our day blowing our noses, drinking tea, and watching Hulu shows and Star Trek: The Next Generation on our couch (don’t judge me). I know, a glamorous life I live, people — glamorous.

I just wanted to briefly share that I (re)learned a very important lesson this week. I was pretty frustrated for the first night of our trip, but I’m proud to say that ultimately I still chose to make the best of a tricky situation. (As you’ll see later this week…) Quick Backstory: I don’t mean to brag, but I am usually awesome at planning for trips. I pack coolers (yes, plural), at least 2 full bags, and even some spices and a mini-blender. I know, it sounds crazy – but when you are limited to certain foods (by choice or allergy), and/or when you refuse to eat crap processed junk, you have to be prepared. There’s no other option, except starving (or getting really, really, really sick). I throw all my bags/coolers/food/gadgets on my host’s counters, noisily process things like kale smoothies, and otherwise destroy people’s kitchens and sanity (sorry). Thankfully, everyone is always very accommodating to my high maintenance issues ; ) However. We also usually travel by car. This time, we flew.

When we left the house at 5am, I was running off of literally 3 hours of sleep and adrenaline.  I grabbed the little bit that remained of the LoveGrown granola, poured almond milk straight into the bag, took a spoon, and boogied out the door. I inhaled it while we waited in the dark at the bus stop, and tossed the bag when I was done. (That convinced me I should bring LoveGrown along for camping trips – a definite winner.) The only trick was that there wasn’t a whole lot in the bag, so I didn’t have a huge breakfast like I normally do. Breakfast, while frequently uninteresting, is the most important meal of my day. It’s huge, and there is a 100% correlation between my having an awesome day and eating a good big breakfast. So. Mistake #1. Next time, I’ll have a better breakfast ready to go. (Like a real adult would. Oops.) Oh yeah, and I’ll prepare more food in general. Because I’m actually only sharing this specific tidbit of the trip because it epitomizes my general experience. Planning well is Rule #1 for healthy traveling.

We had enough snacks to tide us over — some doughballs and banana bread, along with almonds, raisins, dates, and apples – and once dinnertime came, we assumed it wouldn’t be too tricky to find some gluten-free and vegetarian grub; I mean, it’s California. Rule #2: Never assume anything. Which is why Rule #1 is so important. Normally, if I knew I had no other choice for a meal but to eat out, I would meticulously research a restaurant. But in this case, I neglected my better sensibilities. I ended up eating about a cup of steamed vegetables and maybe 1/4 cup of brown rice for dinner.

Healthy, but not in such a small portion… This isn’t meant as a knock to San Diego or the area I was staying in at all (I am sure there were other places, I just didn’t have the ability or time to get there) it’s really just a statement about being realistic. Which I wasn’t.

Duly noted, Life. Duly noted.

Next time, I’ll be ready. I’ll have a back up. I’ll have more than just a few apples and almonds on me. And, I already wrote up a couple posts with some tips on how to do this (better than I did this go ’round), because obviously I need to remind myself, and I might as well share these ideas with others. Hopefully they will come in handy for some when summer vacations roll around!

Have you had an epic fail experience with traveling and eating (un)healthily?

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