The Best Recipes of Grandmama Hall! Happy Birthday to my Grandmama!


Today is Grandmama Hall’s 118th birthday!

Today is my beloved Grandmama Hall’s 118th birthday. She was born in 1899, and Mama always said that if Grandmama lived to be 100, she would live in 3 centuries. She missed it by 7 years, passing away at age 93. As a tribute to her, I’m sharing some of her best dessert and bread recipes that we still make today, many on a regular basis.

Grandmama Hall’s Legacy: Family and a love of cooking. . .

Grandmama Hall’s legacy was her love for her family and her love of cooking. She and Granddaddy rarely ate at restaurants, because she was such a good cook. Plus, they always ate at the dining room table, which was set with the appropriate place setting items, as well as the foods served in bowls. How things have changed! Today, when we do eat at home, we sit in front of the TV, and often eat on paper plates, with the food served out of the pans on the stove. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

Grandmama had specific pans for specific recipes, such as her lasagna pan. And, when she found a recipe she liked, she would make it until she perfected it. Her Egg Custard Pie was one of those recipes, which I still make regularly even today.

Grandmama Hall’s Recipes . . .

The recipes of Grandmama Hall’s that I’m choosing to share are the ones that are considered “family favorites”. Though she has been gone over 20 years, her legacy lives on in our lives with her recipes and the memories we have of times spent with her.


Grandmama Hall’s Chocolate Sheet Cake . . .

This Chocolate Sheet Cake was one of the “treats” Grandmama would make for her grandchildren. We would go to her house after school, and she would have us a square of this delicious chocolate cake wrapped in waxed paper. Memories!

Grandmama Hall’s Egg Custard Pie . . .

Grandmama’s Egg Custard Pie is probably the #2 favorite dessert of hers that I still make. It is a favorite of my son, Trey, as well as his family. So, I make it on special occasions for him. This pie is unusual in that it has a cookie-like crust, a very creamy texture, and it bakes only 10 minutes! Easy!

Grandmama Hall’s Russian Tea Cake Cookies . . .

These cookies would be made by Grandmama at Christmas, but she would roll hers into “logs”. They were my favorite Christmas cookie growing up. I have made mine in balls as well as in “logs”. Yum!!!

Grandmama Hall’s Banana Nut Cookies . . .

When I went to college, Grandmama would make me a batch of these cookies every weekend, and I would take them back to college with me to snack on. By the time the week was over, I was out of cookies! So, Grandmama would make me more. Every Sunday I would go to her house to visit her and get my “cookie stash” for the week. Precious memories!

Grandmama Hall’s Apple Pie . . .

If you like Apple Pie, this one can’t be beat! My mother, age 93, can still make this pie, as does my daughter, Candace, in her shop, Chef Candace. It is a favorite with family as well as Candace’s customers. Grandmama said to always use Granny Smith apples. So, that’s how we make it:)

Grandmama Hall’s Banana Nut Cake . . .

Mama says that this is the best banana cake you will ever eat! The recipe was given to Grandmama back in the 1940’s by one of her friends. The cake is moist, and the Creamy Nut Icing melts in your mouth. Delicious doesn’t describe this cake!


Grandmama Hall’s Buttermilk Biscuits . . .

These are the biscuits I make for my family. Candace says that the biscuits are the best thing on the menu when I make them for one of our dinners. They are dipped in butter before they are baked which gives them a nice golden brown top. Perfect served hot with real butter and homemade strawberry jam!

Grandmama Hall’s Buttermilk Pancakes . . .

I raised my children on Grandmama Hall’s Buttermilk Pancakes! In fact, they were our Christmas Morning Breakfast every year. Grandmama always said anything made with buttermilk was better, and I can tell you these pancakes are wonderful! Just ask my children and grandchildren! LOL!

While there are other recipes of Grandmama Hall’s that we make, these are the ones I consider the family favorites. If you make any of them, you will be glad, because they are so good! She may be gone from this earth, but her recipes live on!




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