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Survivalist Schools in the US and Abroad

In today’s uncertain world, the possibility of an actual doomsday is quite real to many individuals. From global warming and the environment to the economic crisis and war, people are becoming seriously concerned about their survival, as well as the survival of their family members. If there comes a day when people are forced to live off of what they have at their immediate disposal as well as the land around them, it is important to know how to respond and just what to do.

While hoarding supplies like water and canned goods is definitely beneficial, there is much more that can be learned about surviving during and in the aftermath of an all out disaster. With doomsday being a very real thing to many people, there are survivalist schools throughout the world where students are taught everything they need to know about living off the land and using their own instincts.

Sigma 3 Survival School

Sigma 3 Survival School has locations in Florida, Maine, and Arkansas. They offer courses in wilderness survival, tactical training, and urban survival, and they also host weekend workshops where survivalists can learn the basics of fishing, trapping, and primitive cooking. The wilderness survival course teaches students about surviving in the wilderness, focusing on edible plants that can also be used as medicine, the proper use of a knife, fire making, and land navigation.

The tactical training course teaches survivalists how to survive deadly contact, and they also learn how to properly camouflage themselves for any situation. The urban survival course focuses on home preparation and escape in the event of a catastrophe. These courses are designed to give the students hands on training on how to survive in real life situations, so everything they experience during the training is extremely realistic.

EXTRA Survival School – The Netherlands

EXTRA survival school in the Netherlands offers survivalist students week long courses in fire and shelter, tracking, and “Over-leven,” which means living off the land. They believe that if a student can exist within the natural surroundings of the great outdoors that they will no longer fear it, and the more knowledge you have of nature, the more respect you will have for it. Aside from basic survival courses, EXTRA offers special courses that include traveling with the Bushmen in Namibia and canoe trips in Poland.

California Survival School

The California Survival School offers a variety of courses for survivalist students who are looking to learn more about living off the land and surviving in dangerous situations. Their core survival skills clinic focuses on teaching students age old skills that were utilized by our ancestors. Students learn how to obtain the four basics that are essential for survival: food, water, shelter and fire. Their Ancient Artesians survival clinic takes the basic knowledge from the core survival course and expands it into teaching students how to use their skills in order to not just survive a few days in the outdoors, but to live a sustainable daily life in the wilderness.

Planning Ahead

Today’s world is simply too unpredictable to take any chances. While the event of an apocalypse may not happen in our lifetimes, the truth is, you simply cannot take the chance. By preparing yourself for the possibility of a catastrophe, you will know just how to respond when the day comes that your survival skills are needed.

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