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Survival Skills: Make Emergency Fuel – Bucket Biodiesel

In case you’ve encountered one of the disasters as predicted for the doomsday and you cannot find enough fuel for running the engine of your vehicle, or some oil for burning wood, don’t fret. There are ways of producing bio diesel that you can make out of a lot of oil options that you may have around you. There isn’t a specific distinction in whether you’d have to use vegetable oil or animal oil works better; you can use both!

Ingredients needed to prepare Emergency Fuel:

  • Vegetable Oil; soybean, canola and corn oil are probably the best ones you could make use of
  • Half ounce of Sodium Hydroxide lye; as you see in the form of drain cleaner
  • Methanol – 27 ounces; be sure that you’re making use of methanol and not isopropyl alcohol since it doesn’t work

Following is a three step procedure to preparing emergency fuel out of other oils available to you while surviving a calamity.

fuel mixing kit


  1. Step 1:

    Get hold of proper gloves and goggles to protect yourself before you start working. Additionally using a dust mask is also suggested. Take a sizeable glass jar and pour both the methanol and sodium hydroxide in it. Keep stirring the ingredients in the jar for about 2 minutes. You’d notice vapors coming out of the jar. be cautious since these vapors are toxic in nature. Thus it is always suggested that this step should be performed outside in the open. Also, its usability period only lasts for an hour, so be sure to make use of it within the stipulated time span.

  2. Step 2:

    Heat up the oil up to a hundred degrees and then pour it in a jar made of plastic or glass. Make sure this jar has a proper lid system, tight enough to not let the system get disturbed. Carefully add the methanol and lye mixture and seal the container with the lid tightly.

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    Step 3:

    Next you need to shake the container well for about half an hour. Leave the container to settle in a warm spot for the next two days. After these two days, you’d notice that 2 fluids have separated out. The fluid that takes up the top space is your biodiesel and the bottom is glycerin. Make use of the biodiesel that you now have in the top layer for whatever purpose you had in mind. You’re good to go!

Precautions to take before completing the whole process of preparing Biodiesel at home

  • Always be sure of wearing strong and good quality rubber gloves for protecting your hands, safety glasses so no fumes enter your eyes and dust masks to prevent the particles from disturbing your body.
  • Never, Never, NEVER! Never inhale the fluid that you’ve just prepared. No amount of stress is enough to point the relevance of this statement. The preparation is completely fatal.
  • The methanol that you make use of is quick is getting absorbed on the skin. It is toxic in nature and can be harmful. thus precautions are vital.

Understandably, you’re making a fuel which is harmful at the end of the day and not just another

refreshing sports drink

. But in case of an emergency, keeping your head right, you can prepare, make use of and survive situations. Up for giving it a try?

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