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Survival Food: 5 Merits of Sugar in an Emergency

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As everybody knows sugar is not your best friend when you’re trying to cut down those calories from your diet but who had thought that consuming sugar could turn out to be a boon in some cases. Though doctors and nutritionists warn us of excess of sugar consumption, consuming the necessary amounts have no ill effects on an individual’s health. In fact, sugar serves as the perfect substance that can rescue you from several medical emergencies.

However its uses are not restricted to such purposes. Here are some of the uses of sugar in situations of emergency.


Any individual who has been eating less than normal and doing more physical activity than usual can be a victim of hypoglycemia, which means the glucose content in the blood has decreased or to simplify it further, the sugar level has gone down in their body. This happens much often in the case of a diabetic. It can be recognized by symptoms such as sudden feeling of dizziness, hunger, lightheadedness, shaking or sweating. In such a condition, an individual should consume little amount of sugar. Sugar balances the amount of glucose requirement of the body and the individual gets instant relief.

Instant Source Of Energy:

Anytime the body is feeling low on energy, consuming sugar can instantly pump in some energy. Since sugar contains fructose and glucose, the sucrose in the intestine breaks down the sucrose to fructose and then glucose, which is absorbed and distributed by the body. In this way, the body gets instant energy.

Stored Energy

Thirdly stored sugar in the body serves the same purpose as the oil of an engine. This stored glucose is used by the body when the glycogen is broken down into glucose with this process called glycogenesis. As and when the glycogen gets converted to glucose it starts providing the required energy to the body. This process usually takes place when our body is running out of energy for example during the meal gaps or when a person is sleeping.

Starting a fire

Uses of sugar are not only limited to health purposes, it is also popular among travelers since sugar aids in starting a fire. Though one needs an equal amount of potassium permanganate but combining sugar in the same proportions with it, helps light fire in the easiest way possible. All you need is a rock or perhaps a hard surface and a stick to grind this combination against the surface. In no time you would have the fire lit up.

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As a preservative

This may come as a surprise since most of the pickles that we consume have a certain amount of sugar but little did we know that the sugar is used for dual purposes, one to add taste and second is to act as a preservative. Though most people would think that salt is commonly used as a preservative, sugar has an equal ability to resist the growth of bacteria which may cause various diseases.

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