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Survival Cave Food Freeze Dried Foods and Canned Meat Review


sent me some of their products for review. They sent me a bag of Freeze Dried Hearty Potato Soup, a bag of Freeze Dried Western Chili, and a Can of Long Term Shelf Life Beef.

Hearty Potato Soup –

First, I tried the Hearty Potato Soup. The packaging is thick and sturdy. It opens easily and reseals well. Right off the bat, I could smell that what I was going to be eating soon was going to be very good. I followed the directions and found that it mixed easily and completely. It was also very easy to prepare. I think it would have turned fine if I just guessed at the measurements. After cooking, you need to let it set for a few minutes to wait for it to thicken. The results are quite delicious. I found myself looking forward to eating it again. I actually considered slipping this into the soup cook-off at work to see what the results would have been. Yes it is good soup. Do not underestimate how filling this soup is. It will fill you up. I recommend no more than 3 servings if it is your entire meal.

This soup is labeled to last for 25 years and has 276 calories per serving.

Western Chili –

The Western Chili is in the same heavy duty packaging that the Hearty Potato Soup is in. I found that the chili was a little different cooking than the Potato Soup. It takes a lot longer to thicken. I cooked this three times three different ways. The first time, I followed the directions exactly. I found it to be very tasty, not too hot. I thought it was a little bit watery, but it was still pretty good. The second time I cooked it with some meat that I picked up from the store. Since I like meat in my chili, I found this added to the flavor. I had leftovers and microwaved it for lunch the next day. It reheated very well. By this time it was quite thick as well (the way I like my chili). I found it was quite good every time whether I added meat or not. If you like meat in your chili, it mixes in very well. If you want thick chili, just wait longer. It gets thick.

The chili is labeled to last for 20 years. It has just 110 calories per serving.

Canned Beef –

Shaking the can sounds like it is full of water, but upon opening it, I saw that it was not. It is all just pieces of fully cooked roasted beef. They did this stuff right. I cooked this beef by itself and it tastes awesome! It tasted like a perfectly cooked roast. The pieces of meat were good cuts of meat too. Not stringy nasty pieces of meat. There was a little bit of fat on the top of the can, but not much. This meat is excellent!

There are just two ingredients on this label Beef, and salt. These cans have NO EXPIRATION DATE. Their web site says that it will last between 12-15 years, but many people trust them 35 years or longer. One 14.5 ounce can has 5 servings of 110 calories each. I only had one can to try, but I recommend this meat for anything that takes chunks of meat.

My favorite is the definitely the beef, after that, the Hearty Potato Soup, then the Western Chili. I liked everything I ate. There is more information on all these products on their web site.


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