Super Easy Watercolor Kids Craft Project

Remember how I showed you how to transform a photo into a coloring book page a few days ago? So, here’s a simple kid’s craft you can make with those homemade coloring book pages!

This was a lot of fun for my daughter, and I’ll be honest, it was also a lot of fun for me! Perhaps a tad too much fun!!
But, well, anything about art fills my life with unicorns and rainbows. {that is my happy place, what’s yours!?}.

Things You Need

watercolor paper


coloring page tutorial



paint brush


(Products link to Amazon so you can see exactly what I used for this project, I am an affiliate so if you do purchase from Amazon I make a tiny commission that helps run this blog, THANK YOU!)

So now that you know what you need let’s get to it! I know you are super excited and impatiently reading this just waiting to get started on this fun easy kids craft project.

Start by following this (click the image below) tutorial. Try to find a photo where their face is front and center. It will give you the most room to do the fun crazy hair! If you have a girl, you may want to try to find a photo with their hair pulled up, or take one really quick. I did not think about that until after we started painting. Sadface!

Just a few pointers for printing on watercolor paper, it may not fit in your printer. If that is the case just trim a little off of the edge so it will run through. Now to get it to print 12 inches long you have to go into your print properties and change the size of the paper you are printing on and then select “fit to page”. Other than that it should print without a hitch.

Make sure your paper is dry before you start to paint on it though..just a little tip from an epic fail that we encountered on our first try with this project. Shh, don’t tell anyone.

Super Fun Watercolor Kids Craft Project That you HAVE to try today! Your Kids will have so much fun doing this!

I don’t know about you but the bright fun colors of watercolors get’s me excited every time I pull them out, which isn’t often enough!

But you can see all of the supplies you will need for this project here…it’s not much. That is what makes this such a fun and simple kids art project!

watercolor hair 5

Get your paint brush really wet. Pick a color you want to use first and twist the brush in the paint to pick up as much color as you can. Then along the edge of your face put a blob of water/paint mix as big as you want. You can also add more water to it if you want it to spread further.

Now grab your straw and start blowing the water away from your face. Simple, right!?

Just keep adding spots of water and paint around your face and blowing, the less you blow the shorter the hair will be and the darker the color will be.


You can twist the paper as you blow too. This will make your hair go in different directions. The crazier the better if you ask me!

You can even your brush wet, add color and then flick the paint brush so it leaves little spots like this on the paper…

Then blow those little spots so you get different texture to your hair. This would be great for boys to do spiky hair..or a picture of your dog. Light bulb!!! I need to print pics of my dog and guinea pigs. Kenleigh {my daughter} would have a blast doing this to her pets pictures!

Just keep going until you are happy with the results. My daughter did not want to stop. We were having so much fun giggling and blowing in our straws to create these fun watercolor prints.

You could add some gems or glitter for extra fun to the hair. My head is spinning from all of the things I am thinking would be awesome for this project. I will post some more pics when we do more to it so you can see the different ideas that are pouring into my head!!

What do you think? Do you think your kiddos would love doing this? It is crazy fun!

I just had another LIGHT BULB thought! This would make a great birthday present or anniversary gift. Pick out a great picture of your loved one, create this fun art, then frame it for them! That would be so unique and creative and I guarantee they would not have anything like this already! I am excited about this idea..surely someone has an anniversary coming up that I can do this for. Hmmm….


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