Sunday Family Meals Link Up Vol. 2

Welcome to the second edition of Sunday Family Meals! For those of you who haven’t joined us before:

Here you can share your posts about a family meal you had this week. You can include the recipe or not, but I love seeing pictures of family tables and hearing about how you break bread with your loved ones. Another goal of this link up is to encourage others (and myself) to put some thought into making at least one meal out of the week a special time for family, with some mindfulness, preparation, and care. But if your awesome family meal included hot dogs and slurpees, go for it. That’s cool too. What’s important here is the family.

Our Sunday Family Meal happened out of a trip to Whole Foods. I don’t always shop there, but they have coffee from a

local roaster 

 that we love and I didn’t want to make seperate trips for marketing and coffee pick-up so Whole Foods was the best choice.

You know how people always say “Don’t grocery shop when you’re hungry!”, well I never listen to that. Usually it is a good thing, and we end up with plenty of delicious and creative food in our house, but this pregnancy is giving me hunger-nausea so I had trouble meal planning on the fly because I wasn’t feeling well.

So I happened across this gorgeous baguette which looked delicious, and had to come up with some kind of meal to go with it. But that nausea thing. So we ended up with stick-to-your-ribs “cheese steak baguettes”, not the healthiest meal we have ever eaten, but definitely delicious.

I sauteed onions and a big beautiful portobello mushroom from a

local farm

, and added in the ground beef once the veggies were soft.

I actually did all of this ahead of time and then put my ground beef + veg mixture in a bowl in the fridge so that I could make dinner quickly later. If you planned it, you could actually freeze some for another night too.About 20 min before dinner time, I put the baguettes on foil, preheated my oven to 350 (then changed my mind after I put them in and turned it up to 400) and spooned my beef mixture onto our baguettes, topped with cheese and popped them in. I decided not to wrap the foil up since I wanted the bread to get nice and toasty, but if you prefer a softer sandwich then close ’em up and let them steam.

That’s it, voila:

I will say that this meal was not super family friendly. I overstuffed Bodie’s and he had a hard time eating it without it falling apart, and Miri’s bread was too crunchy for her little toddler mouth to bite through so I cut it up and she ate it with a fork.My sweet girl ordered Daddy to close his eyes for grace at dinner, then we all talked and joked about politics, watched Miri’s dinner antics, and generally had a good time. We were all tired and it was a week night, but I really value that time we spend together each evening for dinner.

So now let’s hear from you! What was your family meal like this week? If you have a blog, link up a post below or if not, share a photo in the comments section or with our community on Facebook. I can’t wait to see what you all made and talked about!

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