Stay At Home Date Night: Spin the Bottle

Let’s talk date night here.

You’ve been with the love of your life for quite a few years now and frankly, “date night” has turned into something ritual (aka watching a movie while lounging on the couch together. Or separately...). And if you’re anything like me, you usually fall asleep about 80% of the time.

Not romantic. At all.

I’ve never been one to celebrate the Day of Love, but I was feeling extra festive this year! It’s probably because this was the first year Aaron and I actually spent Valentine’s Day together (one of us was always working). So I got a little creative and created an exciting date night that didn’t require us to leave the house!

Blog Bonus: Click here to print the Spin the Bottle instructions to make your own game!

Here’s how I set it up:

VIDEO SLIDESHOW Instead of a traditional Valentine’s card, I opted for a video slideshow that included pics of us from when we first started dating all the way through to today! It’s just under two minutes long and I uploaded the video to YouTube as an unlisted video. I also included Martina McBride’s song “Valentine” (I know, predictable right?). I held off emailing it to him until just before I wanted him to open it because I didn’t want him seeing it when I wasn’t ready! The verdict? He loved it!!

SPIN THE BOTTLE I brought an old classic to our living room!

I found this idea here and tailored it to my own creativity. I simply printed out the printables provided, taped them to a white poster board, then made up tasks for each spot!

To set the mood, I turned on iTunes Radio and played the Top 50 Pop Songs station.

We used a baby bottle… because that’s what was available… and it spun super easy! No one said it had to be an empty glass bottle!

One of the tasks I landed on was “Dance with me for one entire song!” Ohmygosh, that was so much fun. I forgot what song was playing, but it was pretty upbeat, so Aaron and I did dance moves that included the Running Man, the Tootsie Roll, and Gangam Style.

That’s how we roll.

Another notable task we landed on was “Kiss for 30 seconds!” We could NOT keep still because we were too busy laughing the entire time! Our kisses were very G-Rated because quite honestly, we had just eaten some soft pretzels and our breaths weren’t the freshest…

Wanna create your own Spin the Bottle game? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Large poster board
  • Clean bottle (no one’s judging if you use a baby bottle!)
  • Spin the Bottle printables
  • Tape
  • Notepad for keeping score

You can actually use the same tasks I came up with by downloading them here!

Okay, you know how you see those beautiful images on Pinterest that make you wanna create these masterpieces of art with your food?

That’s how I was with the strawberries.

Here’s what I envisioned:


And here’s how they actually turned out:


I crack up every time I see this picture!

Takeaway lessons:

  • Don’t overheat chocolate.
  • Teach your husband how to properly dip strawberries in white chocolate.
  • Buy extra chocolate in case you overheat it.
  • Chocolate covered strawberries are harder to make than it looks!

But you know what?! They still tasted good! Bahahaha look at those white chocolate ones! We obviously could use a little help in the chocolate department.

Admittingly, I’m not the most creative person. I need help in all departments of being a wife and mother, but even though my life is a bit topsy turvy, I still manage to get things (sorta) done!

So I got the idea of Spin the Bottle from The Dating Divas. They’re basically my go-to source when it comes to anything fancy when I need to date my husband!

One of my favorite things about their website is their tasteful (and safe!) intimacy ideas. They have such fantastic suggestions to really make that room super exciting (even more than it already is!), and I know I can always trust their stuff.

So in my regular Dating Divas website browsing, I came across this total jackpot the other day!

Awesome right?!

Each month features a tasteful, unique, and well… SUPER EXCITING game that will get your other half’s blood boiling! It’s honestly the gift that keeps on giving all year long!

In typical Diva style, not only is the content totally unique – everything in this pack is just oh so gorgeous. The colors, fonts… everything. Stunning!

…and did I mention that it’s 139 PAGES?!

YEP! You read that right!


Time spent in the bedroom is important in a relationship. I am 100% on board with these spicy suggestions. They will add so much love to your marriage!

I’m just going to end this with…

You’re welcome!

Click here to check out The Ultimate Intimacy Pack!


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