Starbucks Hacks: Saving Money at Starbucks

I was checking my email this morning and came across a video from The Krazy Coupon Lady where she was sharing her tips for saving money at Starbucks! It immediately caught my attention because as you all know… I survive on coffee. It is my source of life.

I wanted to share them with you, especially if you’re a fellow avid coffee drinker!! Most of them are pretty interesting, and others are… well… interesting too I suppose. =P

1. Iced tea is more concentrated in the pitcher.
Hack: Order your tea without the water to get double the amount for the same amount of water!
Savings: $2.25

2. Love Chai Tea Lattes?
Hack: Order your chai tea with just the bag and add your own milk at the condiment bar.
Savings: $1.20

3. If you’re having coffee with a friend…
Hack: Ask the barista for two venti hot cups and split the French Press instead! A venti cup of coffee costs $0.11 per ounce, while the French Press costs $0.07 per ounce!
Savings: $2.10

4. If you have a smart phone…
Hack: Download and use the Starbucks app! After 5 stars, you’ll qualify for a free drink on your birthday, and after 30 stars, you’ll qualify for Gold status which means you get a free drink after every 12 stars.
Ashlyn’s hack: If you’re buying more than one item at a time, reach your stars faster by asking the barista to ring each item up separately. Each purchase earns one star, so you’re wasting valuable stars if you’re buying your coffee and oatmeal in the same transaction!

5. When ordering a drip coffee…
Hack: If you’re ordering a tall, ask for it to come in a grande cup so that you won’t have to dump out any coffee to make room for your milk (you also won’t have to tell the barista “with room” so you’ll get more coffee!).
Savings: $1.20

6. Love iced coffee drinks? (I do!!)
Hack: Ask for “light ice” in your cup. It won’t save you money, but will get you more drink for your buck!

7. Get a free pastry!
Hack: Bring in your own cup! You’ll instantly get $0.10 off your order, and after doing this for a month, you’ll have saved up enough for a pastry!
Savings: $0.10
Ashlyn’s tip: Why not treat yourself to a free coffee while you’re at it with those stars you’ve been accumulating? 😉

8. If you’re having coffee with a friend…
Hack: Order any drink in a venti size and split it with her by getting your own tall cups.
Savings: $2.05

9. Want another cup of coffee?
Hack: Enjoy your drink in the shop and get a refill for just $0.50! If you’re at Gold status, you’ll get FREE refills on hot or iced coffee and tea! This even works if you ordered a coffee first then got a refill on tea (and vice versa).
Savings: Whatever the amount of your drink was!

10. Ordering a drink with espresso in it?
Hack: Get it in a short size if you planned on ordering it in a tall size. It’s the same amount of espresso, but you’ll save some money instead.
Savings: $0.80

11. Need more caffeine in the morning?
Hack: Skip the venti! A venti and grande both have the same amount of caffeine in them, so you’re wasting money by ordering the venti.
Savings: $0.50

12. Bringing your four-legged fur baby into the shop with you?
Hack: Order a Puppyccino! It’s a small sized cup of whipped cream for your pup to enjoy with you!
Oh, and that’s free.

Alright. I’m adding MY favorite tip now.
If you love iced white chocolate mochas like I do…
Hack: Order this instead~ “grande iced coffee 3 pump soy white mocha, no classic.” It’s stronger, tastes AMAZING, and saves you a few bucks, too!
Savings: about $2.00

Do you have any Starbucks hacks to share?!



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