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Spornette Classic German Porcupine 25 Hair Brush Review

A few months ago I was washing my hair when literally a handful of hair fell out. A handful. It was enough to make me jump out of the shower, throw on some clothes and run to the nearest pharmacy, almost crying while trying to explain what happened.

Anyways, one of the pharmacist’s took pity on me and told me to try a different hair brush – one with natural bristles. From that moment on, I was on the hunt for a porcupine hair brush (a natural boar bristle brush with just a few nylon bristles). 

Now the obvious answer to the need for a natural boar bristle hair brush is the famed Mason Pearson hair brush. And so for a while, I was dreaming in beautiful, wooden handled hair brushes that Mason Pearson is so famous for.

One day I was doing my usual neighborhood stroll when I came across a shop with the most beautiful display of hair brushes I’ve ever seen (where said shop is I have no clue. It was one of those come upon it once, never find it again kind of places). But with prices well into the 100 dollars, sadly, no beautiful, shiny wooden handled brush came home with me that day.

With said dreams of a Mason Pearson brush demolished, I was on the hunt, if you would like to call it, for a Mason Pearson alternative.

The Mason Pearson Alternative

Enter the Spornette 25, a German made*, wood handled brush with boar bristles and nylon. And costing just about $14 dollars an amazing value.

Spornette Classic German Porcupine 25

I’ve been using the Spornette for about six months now and I’ve noticed significantly less hair loss. Normally when I brush my hair I lose tons and tons of hair (it’s as scary as it sounds). But the natural boar bristles are much, much gentler on hair that is prone to falling out – and the nylon bristles help the brush to actually go through my thick hair. (Spornette also makes a 100% Boar Bristle brush that would work great on thinner hair).

The bristles of this hair brush distribute oils evenly over each strand for shine and health, while the rubber cushion gives a little give to avoid breakage. This hair brush also gives shine to my hair by closing the hair strands cuticle assisting the hair reflect light. Because the wooden handle does not heat up like a metal or ceramic brush, it is less prone to harm hair during heat styling.

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I’ve read claims that a natural boar bristle hair brush will help to redistribute oil and allow you to go longer between washes. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know that this brush has dramatically decreased the amount of hair that falls out when I brush my hair, and after I brush my hair.

Love it.

(By the way, I’m in no way associated with Spornette. I do however love this brush – and I loved the price tag and quality. If you’ve been saving up for a Mason Pearson, you might want to try this and save a lot lot lot of money)

*In my very Italian mother-in-law’s opinion, anything German-made is far superior to… well everything else.


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