Six Things To Love About Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Rose geranium oil is one of the most pleasant and beneficial essential oils, and I’m sure you’ll agree once you try it.
It has a refreshing and uplifting aroma with a rosy, slightly citrus vibe and a mild mint undertone. It’s flowery, sweet, and slightly herbaceous.

Rose geranium essential oil, also known as Egyptian Geranium, is used both in aromatherapy and in cosmetics. Coming from the Geraniaceae family, this essential oil is prepared by steam distillation of the leaves and stem of the rose geranium plant.

Rose geranium has a truly feminine scent—rumor has it that Marilyn Monroe was a fan—and it has properties that make it specifically helpful for women. There are many varieties of geranium oil, but rose geranium the most floral and feminine. Even though it does wonders for a perfume blend, once you figure out how useful the oil is, you’ll keep it around for much more than the gorgeous scent.

Here are 6 things to know and love about rose geranium oil

Rose geranium is a skincare must have.

The oil is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and detoxifying, and it balances all skin types. It doesn’t matter if your skin is dry or oily, rose geranium balances the skin’s production of sebum according your needs. This essential oil  is a major asset for the beauty of your skin. Thanks to its anti-wrinkle, anti-acne and healing properties, rose geranium essential oil is perfect for cleansing blemished skin and preventing skin aging

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Rose geranium has an affinity for the female reproductive system and hormone regulation.

Women are particularly drawn to rose geranium, and it may be more than the sweet floral scent that grabs our attention. When inhaled or used in massage applications, it’s effective at addressing premenstrual symptoms like abdominal cramps or sore breasts and menopausal symptoms like hormonal imbalances.

Rose geranium balances emotions and relieves anxiety.

We talk about the stress relieving power of essential oils frequently, and rose geranium ranks up there with the best of the best for easing tension, anxiety and irritability. Rose geranium’s ester content gives it a soothing effect like lavender, so it makes for an excellent nerve tonic.

A simple application, is to dissolve 2 drops of Egyptian geranium oil in a spoonful of honey, olive oil,or sugar to let melt under the tongue. This remedy can be used three times a day for inflammatory and nervous conditions. Rose geranium essential oil is a lymphatic tonic. By adding a few drops in a neutral cream and massaging very lightly up and down the surface of your legs, you allow the liquids that clog the tissues to drain more easily.

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Rose geranium is remarkably effective against Candida albicans and other fungi.

It has the ability to act against yeasts without affecting bacterial flora, and if used at the first sign of a yeast infection it will totally knock it out. Just make sure it is well diluted before applying to sensitive skin, even though geranium oil is considered non-sensitizing and non-irritating.

Rose geranium fights cellulite

Possessing interesting decongesting virtues, rose geranium essential oil helps fight cellulite. To take advantage of its benefits, massage the area to be treated with a solution of vegetable oil with one to two drops of geranium essential oil.

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Rose geranium oil also stimulates the lymphatic system.

It stimulates the lymphatic system and acts as a diuretic to help correct and balance the elimination of water and waste in our bodies. Its detoxifying effect helps keep your immune system in tiptop shape.


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