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Simple Ways to Define Your Personal Style

We’ve always found shopping to be a difficult task. When it comes to placing our feet outside, we gals want to look our best. Let’s face it, we all feel better when we look awesome. It comes naturally, but the shopping is often the most difficult part. We often find ourselves in the trial rooms of some shopping malls with numerous outfits in our hands. We adore the majority of the items we’ve chosen and are undecided on whether to purchase and which to pass up.

Most of the time, we go beyond our budget to get them all and the worst part is, we don’t even wear all those dresses. This happens, because we don’t really give a thought about our own style. Recognizing your personal style doesn’t only reduce the hassle of shopping, this helps you to be the diva you always wanted to be. But, now the question is how to define your personal style. Well, here are some tips that I have tried and tested. Hope these will be helpful for you.

Find Your Inspiration

It’s the basic step of defining one’s personal style. Now, you can get your inspiration from any actress, blogger, and TV characters. Keep your eyes open, you might get your inspiration even from an ad on the street. Now, pin the pictures on Pinterest. Next time when you will be shopping, this will help you to get an idea of what you need to add to your wardrobe.

Pull in your most fundamental resources: family and friends, if you have no clue where you genuinely want to go with your particular style. At home, who do you admire? Who do you look up to at work? What do they have on that makes you believe they’re attractive? Start referring to those dress suggestions as a starting point.

Get Inspired, Don’t Copy

Because copying something entirely is so not cool. It won’t make you look like a diva. Copying will make people think you have zero imagination. Be original, and add your own touch to your outfit. Trust me that will make people admire you and your sense of fashion immensely. Now it’s your turn to become the inspiration for others.

Pay Attention To Your Personality

I think this is the most important thing to define your personal style. Knowing yourself is the key to being stylish. So, try to find answers to a few things about yourself. Are you all about femininity or, the sporty one? Traditional or you’re up to try any latest trend? Is your style bohemian or preppy? Or, maybe your style is a mix-up of two or more styles.

If you realize which type of dresses you like to wear you will realize exactly what you need to buy, and what you don’t need at all.

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Let me share my personal experience here. I’m smitten by the style of Blair Waldorf from ‘Gossip Girl’ and Lydia Martin from ‘Teen Wolf’. While their styles are very different from each other, both of them are very girly. You can say that my personal style is somewhat a crossover of their styles. Then, I started to watch ‘The Royals’. And, I fell in love with Eleanor’s character who was a rebel. I was so much in love with her that I bought a few things that remind me of her style. Now, the problem is Eleanor’s style is far from being girly. And, I rarely wore my ‘inspired from Eleanor’ dresses. It was a waste of my money. I learned my lesson. Loving someone else’s style isn’t enough. You have to find out what expresses you in the best way. Now that you know, don’t do the same mistake ever.

Pick Out Your Favorite Outfits

You know how some individuals just know how to dress properly? There’s no mystery here, and you could do it too if you just thought about what you were wearing a little more. It all relies on how your body is structured; you should try to emphasize your best characteristics. Don’t force yourself to wear a slinky party dress if you prefer the way a sundress fits (unless you feel great in that too). Choose a dress that is more classy and fits and feels like the sundress.

Another way to get to know your personal style is to pick out your favorite outfits. They will effortlessly give you a picture of what you like and what you don’t.

Well, I know how difficult it is for girls to pick one favorite outfit from the closet. It is next to impossible. But, you can pick out five most worn pieces from your wardrobe. You don’t have to buy exact same clothes you already own. But, you can buy a new shirt that goes with your favorite skirt or a new jacket or shoes that will complement your outfits. This way you will be able to experiment with your style without spending a lot on your dresses.

Don’t Buy Everything You Love

Don’t buy the things that you think you’re in love with but cannot think of any occasions to wear it.  It’s possible that you’ll end up never wearing it. It won’t only be a waste of the money, but a waste of space of wardrobes too. I realized it in a hard way. So, don’t do the mistakes I did in the past, buy only things you’re sure you will wear more than once.

Take care of your clothes as though they were good friends. Gve yourself more time to organize your clothing, hang them up at the end of the day, and, if ironing is your Achilles’ heel, give yourself a break.

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Do Not Follow Trends Blindly

Trends come and go, but what you will always have is your style. If you don’t like a trend it’s better to avoid it than to wear it just to look cool and trendy in front of the others.  Following every trend just for the sake of it is a sign of poor fashion choice. If you’re not comfortable in whatever you’re wearing, it will show in your face eventually. It wouldn’t matter how costly or trendy your outfit is, it won’t help you to stand out in the crowd.


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