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Simple Tips to a Clean Kitchen

Cleaning a kitchen can be daunting and seem impossible when you don’t have much time and don’t know where to start! Because of the because of the oily residue from food and stubborn stains, they can be a pain to clean. Here are simple ways to make sure you wake up to a clean kitchen every morning.

I have this thing where I refuse to go to bed with a dirty kitchen. It’s just like waking up and not making my bed, I just can’t do it. I make sure my kitchen is clean so that all I need to do is wake up and not feel stressed that I know that I have something to do so early in the morning.

The worst thing to do is wake up thinking that I have stuff to do so early in the morning. Worst feeling ever.

Here, I will break down my evening and how it takes a about 20 minutes to get the kitchen clean.


One thing I hate doing is loading the dishwasher and putting dishes away. I despise it. However, I get this done first just to get it out-of-the-way. Make sure to go around and grab everything! Don’t even miss sippy cups that could be lying around. Load the dishwasher, pop some soap in there and run it. Get into a habit. I normally like put the dishes away in the morning, but sometimes I’ll do it at night depending on what time I go to bed.


Since the sink is now empty, run warm water and use Magic Erasers to wipe down the sink. This is usually the time I also clean my garbage disposal.


kitchen counter cleaningNow, using a rag, and spray, wipe down your counters, sink and faucet and make sure there are no water droplets. Push any crumbs and stuff to the floor. And do a quick, easy, and clean wipe down. Make sure to spray down your dining table too. Once done, bring all the dirty rags to your laundry room. Don’t leave them on the sink.


Like any uncleaned surface in the kitchen, walls end up covered in food grease. To remove it, nothing could be easier: clean the tiled walls with a cloth moistened with household alcohol. If the layer of grease is too thick, spread a mixture of as much baking soda as water on it and leave it on while you continue your cleaning. When finished, don’t forget to rinse.


Make sure to sweep everything up. Sometimes, I will take my vacuum to get the last bit of crumbs up but I don’t always do that. Just depends on how deep of mopping I will be doing. Just make sure to sweep everything up!

Spot  Mop

Spot mop! I don’t always do heavy mopping. I usually do this one time a week. In between I like to use my Shark mop. It’s like the Swiffer Wet Jet but with washable pads and I make my own solution to mop the floors up.


I deep clean refrigerator only once a month. Empty the refrigerator and freezer completely and check that the expiration dates of the products you have have have not passed. To clean it, go from top to bottom scrubbing and removing stains using soapy water, then dry well with a cloth. Don’t forget to clean the drawers, compartments and the outside of the refrigerator as well.

A good trick for cleaning the inside of refrigerators is to dilute a little vinegar (if you do not have vinegar, you can use a squeezed lemon) in a bowl of warm water, and with a microfiber cloth, rub the walls and doors, then dry with kitchen paper.

An important fact to mention is that to avoid possible short circuits, the refrigerator must be disconnected before cleaning it. With this home remedy, you avoid that the smell of chemical products such as multipurpose is impregnated in your refrigerator.

Thoroughly clean a gas stove

I thoroughly clean gas stove once  a week. Although cleaning a gas stove needs a little more time to leave it impeccable, we must also include it in the cleaning of our kitchen. For burners and grills you must follow some steps and for the base of the stove others, although you can take less time if you protect the stove against stains and splashes in your daily life. Soapy water, vinegar or ammonia will be your allies.

Always clean cloths and scouring pads.

These items are a nest of bacteria that we are not aware of, spreading them on the surfaces you clean without you realizing it. That is why it is important to keep them always clean, washing them in the washing machine or dishwasher and letting them dry in the sun if possible.

Watch out for drains.

Pipes are one of the most sensitive places in the kitchen. In addition to smelling, because of food leftovers, the drains can become clogged. To clean them, an excellent solution is to pour every few days a little salt and yeast in equal parts, let it stand for a few minutes and add boiling water.

Now take a step back and admire yourself for taking 20 minutes to cleaning your kitchen so you can relax a little!

What are some simple tips that you swear by? Do you care to go to bed with a clean kitchen?


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