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Securing Your Home for an Unstable Future

Regular visitors to this site will be only too aware of the many and varied threats we face in the post 9/11, post credit crunch world. Given the life threatening nature of these risks, how many of us can truly say that we are prepared for the dystopian, Mad Max world that confronts us.
There’s lots of stuff on this site and many others about the weapons and weapon skills needed to protect your home and family. That’s fine if you see them coming. What happens if you don’t? What chance have you got if they creep up on you in the middle of the night?  No amount of knives, AK 47’s, flame guns or ICBM’s are going to save you if you are caught unawares in your pyjamas.

Not so I hear some of you say. This place has more alarms and CCTV than you can shake a stick at.  No-one one gets in here without me knowing the second they set foot in the place. Ok, maybe so, but let me ask you another question. Are you going to be able to wake up, turn on the lights, find your weapon of choice and take aim before some crazed madman gets to you first?

I’m going to assume that some of you are beginning to get worried at this point, and the rest of you are in a state of blind panic. I can visualize many of you running round the house screaming  “what can I do to prevent these people getting into my house?!”.

Right, firstly let’s all sit down, have a cup of tea (bit of a give-away that I’m English) and think about this. How come someone can get into my house and be standing by my bed before I have time to react? Answer – glass. You know, the stuff that lets you look out onto your rolling acres or next door’s chicken coop.  I can now see many of you sitting back with an immense sense of relief and reaching for the cigar box, basking in the knowledge that your recently purchased triple glazed windows and doors have a 120 year guarantee against attack by axe wielding zombies. At least that what the nice salesman told you. Sadly, this is very unlikely to be the case, unless you happen to live in the White House. The harsh reality is the average three year old armed with a hammer could be in your house in milliseconds.

Before you all go into panic mode again, fear not, salvation is at hand in the shape of security grilles. Again I can hear you saying – I’m not living in Rikers Island or Fort Knox. What would the neighbours say and the other half would never allow it – but, on the other hand, if it stops their mother from getting in.  Hang on, before you dismiss the idea out of hand, the grilles I’m talking about are only visible and locked when you want them to be – at night, when you are away or when the mother-in-law comes to visit. These security grills slide along a track and hide behind the curtains .

So, in conclusion, let’s go back to back to the peaceful, nocturnal scene we described earlier. This time with your sliding security grilles in place, instead of you ending up with a madman stood by your bed, it’ll be your neighbour that gets what he deserves for ruining your view with that chicken coop.

About the Author: Paul is a home security expert with a huge amount of knowledge and experience in the field. He owns a leading UK manufacturer and provider of commercial and domestic security grills .

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