Roasted Peaches with Vanilla Yogurt, Honey, and Mint ” a little saffron would make this!

Roasted Peaches with Vanilla Yogurt, Honey, and Mint

These roasted peaches with yogurt were so intense, so good that I found myself taking smaller and smaller bites in hopes of making it last.

Just a couple minutes after placing the peaches in the oven, you’ll hear the hissing and crackling as the heat breaks down the peach. Peaches are sweet enough on their own, and they needed only a big pinch each of sea salt and brown sugar to enhance them.

Grilled peaches are also good, but the ones you see here hang out in the oven for a good 20 minutes. The flavor is so much more concentrated, and the peaches are so much more tender than they would be after only a few minutes on the grill.

The exaggerated peach is topped off with creamy vanilla bean yogurt, honey and fresh mint. I’ve never been more excited for fruit for dessert.

But this could also be breakfast. On a weekend morning, instead of the usual waffles, pancakes, or omelets, serve these roasted peaches with granola. It’d be an extraordinary breakfast of fruit, yogurt, and oats prepared in a way that’s much more special than an everyday bowl of whole foods.

Don’t worry about scooping out everything around where the pit used to be. That crimson center will melt down.

This recipe is super simple, and you should feel free to improvise according to what’s in your fridge and pantry. Use basil or thyme instead of mint. Scoop vanilla ice cream onto them instead of yogurt. Try goat cheese for a slightly more savory dessert. Toasted hazelnuts or pecans would be good, too

Roasted peaches work for one, two or a crowd. One peach per person. Don’t feel bad about turning on the oven for only one or two. Just take advantage of an already hot oven like Tamar Adler would. As the peaches go in, chop up some beets or other vegetables that roast well at a high heat and add them in, too. Now you’ve got dessert and vegetables for dinner or tomorrow’s lunch.

roasted peaches with vanilla yogurt, honey, and mint

This is a fruit for dessert that rivals chocolate cake, but it can also be a great weekend breakfast when served with granola. The peaches can be served in dozens of ways, depending on your mood and what’s in your kitchen. Try topping it off with basil or thyme instead of mint. Try goat cheese, mascarpone, or ice cream in place of the vanilla bean Greek yogurt. Thick, reduced balsamic instead of honey.  Toasted hazelnuts or pecans would be great here if you prefer a little crunch with your dessert. Serve warm or at room temperature.

2 peaches, slightly ripe yet firm, halved and pitted
olive oil
brown sugar
sea salt
vanilla bean Greek yogurt (I used this one, which is high in sugar but such a treat without being too sweet)
7 or 8 mint leaves

Heat oven to 400°F.

Place peaches cut side up on a small baking sheet. Brush them with olive oil. Sprinkle brown sugar and sea salt over the peaches. Roast in oven for 20 minutes or until peach is bubbling and easily pierced with a butter knife.

Remove from oven. Tear mint leaves or roll them up together and slice them into a chiffonade. Serve two peach halves per plate. Spoon a heaping tablespoon of vanilla bean yogurt into the middle of each peach. Drizzle peaches with honey. Garnish with mint and serve.

Serves 2. Inspired by Symon’s Suppers and Everyday Food


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