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Prepper Gadgets: Which are Junk & Which are Genius?

Thinking outside of the box is one of the key traits you need to develop before doomsday arrives. Even in the event of a relatively minor doomsday situation, life as you once knew it could be disrupted for years. A large solar storm — similar to one that actually occurred in 1859 — could be powerful enough to knock out power to millions of people for years, according to the Washington Post. When creating a disaster or doomsday readiness kit (or room), be mindful that the services you’re accustomed to may take a long time to restore or may never come back, depending on the situation. That is why you need gadgets that will work outside of the conventional way of modern life.


BioLite Stove: The BioLite Wood Burning Camp Stove is a must-have for preppers, and when you see one in action, you’ll know why. This little beauty, which doesn’t require any special fuel, is not only useful for cooking food, but also uses patent-pending thermoelectric technology to convert the heat generated by the stove into electricity that can be used to charge your small electronics, such as cell phones and other items with rechargeable batteries. This stove is lightweight, coming in at only two pounds and relatively inexpensive at $130.

BioLite Stove

Photo by Flickr user Derek Hatfield

Hunting Dog with an E-Collar: Serious preppers know that in the event of a huge doomsday scenario, eventually those rations of prepackaged foods will run out, and it will be up to you to bring home the bacon — or the venison, as the case may be. That is why it’s important to be one leg up on the competition (i.e., the others who have survived) and have hunting dogs that can help you track down game. Start training your dogs now and reinforcing their behavior with SportDOG training collars, available from $115 – $300+, so they will be prepared in the event that the end of the world as we know it arrives sooner than later.

Water Purifier Jerrycan: The bottles of water stored in your safe room are only going to last so long. At that point, your best bet will be a water purifying jerrycan. In developing nations, many locals still use jerrycans to transport water from a source back to their homes. Having a good jerrycan, especially one that will purify your water, will be important when you can no longer count on water flowing into your home. Lifesaver offers a durable, purifying jerrycan for $379.


Photo by Flickr user Oliver

A Lightweight Saw: A saw you can carry in your pocket will be invaluable in a doomsday situation, especially one like the SaberCut Razor Saw, which can cut through wood, rope and most metals. It can also be used as a skinning blade. It’s available on Amazon for $9.68.


Your Smartphone: As much as you love and depend on your smartphone today, when doomsday arrives, it is going to be pretty much worthless. Even if you could charge it, the chances that wireless service will be available will be slim to none.

Cash: While an “emergency fund” is always a good idea, it depends on the emergency. In the event of any apocalyptic scenario, a large sum of cash is not going to be worth very much. As far as goods and services go, useful tools, water, food and weapons will be far more valuable than money.

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