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Preparedness: Everyone’s Call In Times Of Natural Disasters

On October 15, 2013, the 7.2 magnitude earthquake destroyed many parts of the island of Bohol in the Philippines and killed hundreds of people. On November 8, 2013, not even halfway to helping everyone affected by the tragedy, the country was slammed by the ferocious super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) which almost totally wiped out the whole of Tacloban City and claimed thousands of lives. These heartbreaking catastrophic events serve as tragic reminders for the people all over the world to be alert and be prepared at all times.

Natural calamities are happening since the beginning of time and indeed, the force of nature is absolutely unstoppable. And as the earth continues to evolve and change, we will experience more of these catastrophes ahead. While we cannot impede these calamities from happening, we can do something to avoid its wrath—through awareness and preparation.

There is no cost in getting awareness and being prepared is far better than being sorry. But what can an ordinary citizen do to be prepared? This article provides simple, feasible and useful insight or tips that could save your life when a disaster strikes.

Be Informed

Always have nose for news. Don’t get engulfed by the tear-jerking telenovelas all day. Instead, listen, read or watch local and global news to know what’s going on around you. Everything is now being fed to the Internet to keep everyone updated on what is the latest and most relevant on different fields. When a typhoon or predictable natural calamity is coming, the experts would know and inform the public.

Be Ready

An earthquake is unpredictable. A bush fire can happen anytime. Don’t wait for the news of incoming typhoon or heavy rains that may cause flash floods. You might miss it. Also, don’t wait for the people to go “panic-buying” for various supplies in supermarkets and different stores. So, what better way to be safe is disaster readiness which could help you save yourself and your family.

What To Prepare

Keep a waterproof emergency bag always ready. Fill it with a medicine kit, flashlights and extra batteries, non-perishable food items and water (you can change this from time to time), a few clothes, a jacket and a blanket. Put the bag somewhere very accessible from whichever part of the house you are so that you can just grab it in the event of disaster.

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House Construction

A house made of light materials may survive an earthquake, but never to a typhoon or flash floods. A concrete building, however, is proven to be dangerous during earthquakes but could survive a strong typhoon and floods. Whatever the case may be, just make sure that you always keep in mind the safety guidelines and procedures for any calamity. If you would think that your house isn’t safe to stay in when there is an incoming calamity, evacuate the place earlier to ensure your safety and protection.

Equipment and Mobility

There are many types of equipment that you would find useful in times of disasters. Like solar-powered generator, water pump and many others, this equipment could assist in meeting some needs during calamitous times. Anyone who would like to check on where to buy personal equipment and for family use can check on different and reliable equipment dealers, like


and many others.

Disaster preparedness is only one of the many ways to be safe and be protected from the horrible effects of any calamity. It doesn’t hurt to be aware, to always check on the news, to know the basic survival procedures, to be prepared. Be ready at all times and learn to read the signs of times.

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