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Portable Internet Every Survivalist Needs

It used to be that a radio was one of the most important things in a survival kit. However, now it is equally important, maybe even more important, to have portable Internet service. Wireless Internet which uses cell phone towers to deliver high speed Internet via a portable plug-in connection is the ideal solution to your portable Internet needs in case of doomsday.

Why You Need Internet When Survival Is Your Concern

No one is denying that food, water, shelter and personal safety will be at the top of your list in the case of the coming apocalypse. These things absolutely must be your priorities. However, access to the secure Internet can actually help you survive, especially when it comes to personal safety. Knowing the dangers that lurk and where other survivors are can make a huge difference to your own survival.

With a

wireless Internet

connection you have a connection to the world, or what’s left of it. You can easily establish contact using social media, or even chat with other survivors. You will be able to find news from media sources that are still reporting. With Internet access you will also be able to find the how-to guides and virtual maps that you need in order to make survival easier. If and when you get to a place of safety, Internet access can also provide some much needed entertainment, to give your mind a break from the many survival concerns running through your head.

What You Need To Run Portable Internet

If cell phone towers have not been destroyed, you can have portable Internet anywhere in America. The one thing you do need however is a power source. For portable Internet to work, you need an electrical outlet to plug the modem into. Even if there is widespread power outage, finding a source that can run your Internet is easy enough.

You can harness electricity:

  • From a car’s battery, using an inverter that lets you plug in items to a cigarette lighter outlet
  • From a backup battery jumper to avoid draining your car’s battery
  • From deep cycle batteries, a more long term durable battery
  • With a generator, but be sure to have a gasoline stockpile.
  • Using solar panels, provided you are in an area where the sun can reach the panels.
  • With a micro-hydroelectric system if you are close to running water
  • Via a wind turbine system connected to a magnet alternator

Sites to Visit after the Apocalypse

You may be short on time when you get online, so you want to have important websites bookmarked on your laptop or tablet, so you can quickly and easily get to them when you need them most. Here are our top picks for post-apocalypse, must-visit websites:

– A fountain of information on survival

– How-to information on living out of your car

– Find out what suspicious events are happening and where

– This website is a go-to resource for everything from preparedness to finding other preppers.

– This site will help you navigate unfamiliar areas.

Why Portable Internet?

You may wonder about just simply using Wi-fi for your Internet needs. Think again. Most Wi-fi will likely be down due to power outages. How do you know that any available Wi-fi is not a trap to lure you into a dangerous situation? Most Wi-fi, especially public access Wi-fi, is unsecure access, which means what you sent can be seen by others. You don’t want to make information you are transmitting easy to access. With your own portable access you have secure Internet access that relies just on your own electricity-generating capabilities.

For preppers, there are many things to consider, and Internet access is definitely one of them. Portable wireless Internet is the best solution out there.

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wireless Internet

gives her to take her work anywhere.


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