Playtex Diaper Genie Complete

Playtex Baby Diaper Genie Complete Gift for New Parents

Next week my best friend was due to have her baby. Only, she delivered her son back on February 18, at just 34 weeks. Now, to deliver at 34 weeks seems crazy early to someone like me who delivered all her babies between 40-42 weeks.

However, for my friend, this was the best case scenario. See, my friend had her first baby at just 30 weeks, two and a half years ago, prompting for a bit more precaution in the baby baking department this time around. I can’t imagine what it’s like having a premature baby, let alone two. So as a mother looking in from the outside, I wanted to help as much as possible.

Often times when babies are born prematurely, the mother misses out on a baby shower. In the case of my friend, she had to reschedule her first shower and didn’t want to plan a second for fear of not making it to that date. And unfortunately, even though my friend was able to bring her baby home after only a week and a half in the hospital, her son got ill and was rushed to a children’s hospital, where he is currently staying until he is strong enough to go home. Needless to say, she is still unable to gather with friends and celebrate the birth of her new son.

Which brings me to my wanting to help. Gifts are always a good idea for new parents, and making their lives a little bit easier is one of the best options {I know, I’ve been a new mom 3 times}, especially for those new parents who may have had a tough start in the beginning of their journey into parenthood.

Playtex Baby Diaper Genie Complete – Review

Playtex Baby Diaper Genie Complete

Gift baskets are a great way to give a gift. You can mix and match items, while making the gift personalized and catering it to the needs of the person receiving. I have always loved creating gift baskets for new moms, and sharing my insights into life with an infant.

Playtex Baby products have always helped me in those early stages of life with a baby. For my friend, creating a better beginning for her was easy, thanks to the Diaper Genie Complete. I mean, who wants to deal with dirty diapers when all you want to be doing is cuddling the new baby? The new Diaper Genie Complete is the most advanced Diaper Genie system so far, with an Ultimate Odor Lock system that features a 7-layer refill bag and double Air-Tite® CLAMP.

Nothing prepares you for the diapers—the stench, the mess, the sheer volume! Some diaper pails are considerably better than others when it comes to scent management, easy diaper deposits, and emptying full bags, and some diaper pails are much better than others when it comes to odor management, easy diaper deposits, and emptying filled bags.

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There’s a built-in carbon filter that helps absorb and lock in strong diaper odors, while being able to hold up to 270 dirty diapers! Plus, it’s super easy to use, with a foot pedal and new height for an easy no bend diaper toss. As an experienced mom, I love using my Diaper Genie {with my toddler}, which is wonderful since the poop smells only get stronger with age.

The internal liners are simple to replace, and the bag removal procedure is straightforward. Because this pail employs proprietary bags, the total cost of ownership will be higher than some of the competition, and the bags may be more difficult to maintain on hand than regular kitchen bags.

Using personalized items in your gift basket is important when trying to create a basket for new parents who may have had a ‘not so smooth’ beginning in parenting. Besides adding personal favorites that worked for me, like the Diaper Genie, I always seem to lean towards getting at least one item handmade, like a blanket, hat, cocoon or doll. It really shows how much you’re thinking about the new baby by adding a little personalization to the basket. Adding additional baby products that helped you as a parent is also good, as new moms love getting advice on what works and what doesn’t.

Playtex VentAire bottles

Playtex VentAire bottles make for a great gift in that these bottles provide for a much better bottle feeding experience. My friend has been unable to nurse her son as frequently since he’s been in the hospital, so pumping is huge in her home right now. Finding the right bottle to feed her son is so crucial. With Playtex VentAire, switching between breast and bottle feeding is easy thanks to the Most Like NaturaLatch® nipple that mimics the breast to help baby latch on naturally.

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This bottle also has a unique anti-colic bottom vent that keeps air at the back of the bottle so that virtually no air mixes with the milk, leaving baby’s tummy feeling more at peace. Something that is so important for a premature baby. There are fewer pieces to clean, you can use any Playtex nipple or cap on the VentAire bottles, and the broad aperture makes it easy to fill and clean, according to Playtex.

Playtex VentAire bottles

What personal item or favorite baby product would you add to your gift basket?

Shopping for my Diaper Genie Complete and Playtex Baby items was easy at Target. With Target being a one-stop shop for all things baby and the #1 place for baby registries, I did all my baby registries there. Finding whatever you’re looking for is simple at Target; and as a bonus, all the Playtex Baby items are so neatly displayed and easy to find. You can also order online from Amazon.

Taking the time to give to new parents and try to create a better beginning when they may have had a rough start is something we all can do. At the end of the day, bringing a baby into the world is a celebration. What can you create? Have you ever used a Diaper Genie Complete or given one as a gift to a new parent? Do you have one and totally love it?! Are you as obsessed with Target and the Target baby section as I am?! I’d love to know!


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