Pai Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil for Scars

Pai Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil for Scars Review

I’ve got a short review of a product which I have been seriously loving, the Pai Skincare Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil. I purchased this at the end of July to help in my acne scar fading journey after reading about rosehip oil’s healing and scar fading properties.

According to Pai’s website The Rosehip oil is described as having ‘High levels of Trans-Retinoic Acid’ which ‘are delivered directly to the epidermis, which converts to Vitamin A to boost the skin’s natural healing process’. It also states that ‘Clinical studies show Rosehip oil is effective at improving the appearance of scars, stretch marks, sun damage and fine lines’. It also contains high levels of Vitamin E which is always a bonus with skincare. After further research and lots of review reading, I decided to go for it and buy a bottle.

holding pai rosehip oil

The oil is a bright orange color and it does have a kind of oily (does that even make sense) scent to it, which doesn’t bother me at all. It’s a really rich oil and a few drop are all you need. I normally use it in the evenings on my Non Liquid Gold nights, and sometimes in the day if I’m not going out as it does give your face a greasy, oily look.

After my first use my skin honestly felt so soft, smooth and very plump. I woke up to super bright and smooth skin.My skin looked better and felt more nourished and hydrated. It seemed to work as a repair serum, protecting and nourishing my skin, and I enjoyed it a lot! Now that I have been using it for a few weeks, I have noticed my scarring getting fainter. I can’t be sure that it’s completely due to the Rosehip Oil as I am using other products, although before I started using it I hadn’t really noticed a difference, So I think it has had a part to play.

This Rosehip oil from Pai is affordable and produces noticeable results. It’s a fantastic product to add to your arsenal, whether it’s used in conjunction with an existing cosmetic routine or on its own. A real boost and beauty treatment for the skin, this oil is the ultimate multifunction treatment: it moisturizes, nourishes, firms, illuminates, plumps and tones the skin.

Overall I would definitely recommend this product, it makes your skin feel super soft, bright and very hydrated and will help with fading scars. It’s also made me want to try some of Pai’s other products as I’ve heard such great things!
Has anyone else tried Rosehip oil or any of Pai’s other products? How did you find it? Let me know below.


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