On the Go Activities for Toddlers

We’ll be leaving on our first family vacation {to Disneyland!} soon and I was searching for some on the go activities for toddlers. We have an almost six hour flight and Aria is 14 months old, so to say that this will be a challenge is an understatement! But it can be done!!

Here’s what I’m packing in my bag of magic tricks:

Gel Clings

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought, “How genius!!” Luckily, Walmart had some for just 98 cents each in their Valentine’s Day aisle so I snagged up two sheets. Aren’t the monkey and alligator super cute?

Magic Erase Board

I actually found this at Walgreens {in the Valentine’s Day aisle again!} and it was $1.99. It’s basically an etch-a-sketch! Aria’s been practicing holding spoons, crayons, pens, and her toothbrush lately, so this should be pretty exciting for her, as long as she doesn’t bang the pen against the board!

Pill Box with Snacks

Isn’t this brilliant?! I saw this idea on Pinterest too and knew it would keep Aria occupied on the plane! She can have fun opening and closing each section to discover what snack is inside each! I only had two snacks on hand, so I alternated each box with Sweet Potato Puffs and Kix cereal. I’m placing this inside a gallon sized freezer bag in case any boxes accidentally open while en route.


I’m bringing along a mini book of stickers and a few pages of scrap paper stapled together to act as a sticker book. There are 375 stickers in this set so I think it’ll be enough for the flight to and from California!

Grab n Go Play Pack

These were actually a part of Aria’s favor bags for her first birthday party. I had an extra one laying around {because I bought one for her for the party… not realizing that she doesn’t need a favor bag! Doh!} so I’m bringing it along for this flight. It has a mini coloring book, 4 crayons, and a pack of stickers. If you look close enough, you can see that the tip of the red crayon is broken… All of this comes in a convenient resealable bag too. Nice!

Story Books

I don’t have a picture for these because I’m not sure which books I’ll be bringing, but I have 3 books in mind. It’s kinda neat to see how intrigued Aria is when you open a book for her! I’ve read that it’s usually recommended to bring books that she’s never seen before, but I haven’t had time to ask my friends if they’d be willing to trade a few books for a while.

Baby Earphones

Sometimes, the only way to keep Aria quiet is to surrender our iPhones to her. We don’t allow her to watch TV for long periods of time, but we’re pretty much willing to do whatever it takes to keep her from getting too rowdy. We found these earphones at Target for $23, but I found some cute panda bear ones on Amazon for about $13!

So that’s what I’m bringing on board with me! I know that toddlers will be toddlers, but we are doing the best we can to keep her occupied during a long, boring flight. If it were just me, I’d be typing away at my blog!

What activities do you like to bring for your toddlers while you’re on-the-go?

If you’d like to see the necessities that I’m packing in my carry on, check out this post! It includes everything that I absolutely MUST HAVE!


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