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So, Heather (of Heather Eats Almond Butter) recently linked to me because she is trying out the “no-’poo” method I wrote about here and here months ago. I had no idea so many people were interested in thiswhoa! To summarize (though I highly recommend checking out the second post, in particular, which answers many FAQs), the “No [sham]Poo” method uses a mixture of baking soda and water to cleanse your hair. Then, a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water is used as a conditioner. I have been meaning to post an update for a few weeks (as I mentioned in my 7 Links post), but am just now getting around to it. You can read about HEAB’s experience thus far here, and Stephen [of neverhomemaker] here. This little article (featured on NPR) explains some of the reasons why people are avoiding shampoo. And now, I’m going to write the next chapter of my own story…

Where I left off last time was this being my new favorite. I had found my groove after a transition period, washed my hair a little less than usual, and was generally really pleased to not be dumping unnecessary manufactured chemicals (many being known carcinogens) onto my body and down the drain. (Not to mention that I was saving some serious cash. [P.S. Why do we use the phrase “not to mention” when we obviously always follow it by mentioning the thing we are supposedly not mentioning…?]) But something was going on that I kept dismissing… it seemed like it was just in my head. But it wasn’t. It was on my head.

(Yes, sorry… I am indeed warming my bum over a fire
whilst drinking coffee out of a Klean Kanteen cap. You know how classy I am.)

After searching through some forums, my suspicions seemed tentatively confirmed; I found out that I was not the only one wondering if my hair was turning a bit lighter, and maybe even a tad chestnut, after using this method for a few months. While the vast majority of individuals no ‘poo-ing it thought the rest of us were taking crazy pills, we were a small but sane bunch. Now, just to be totally clear: I am not 100%, convinced that the baking soda method was the culprit for my hair tone changing. In fact, every summer (including ones before I started this no ‘poo jazz), my hair gets natural highlights from the sun like whoa, and stylists often think I dye it to achieve such results (I have never colored my hair). I didn’t start noticing the lightening until months after I started using the baking soda, and I wonder if I was getting overzealous with how much I applied. I have only read about a few other people experiencing this lightening, so don’t let this freak you out. It could work beautifully for you! I just wanted to be transparent and keep you in the loop since so many were curious. Currently, I’m trying to find my new shampoo substitute; I gravitate towards Dr. Bronner’s because of it’s simple and healthy ingredients.

So. Here’s the thing: you should not disregard the method simply because of my (very uncertain) experience… Give it a shot! I still believe this is a great method for most people, and I will always swear by the ACV conditioner — nothing has made my hair healthier, ever. If you try nothing else, try the ACV and water as a conditioner. If you notice something that bothers you after 6 weeks (yes, remember, you need to give it a good transition window), drop the baking soda like it’s hot and move on to Dr. Bronner’s. No worries. But if you don’t find any troublesome side effects, why the heck not? It will cost you about 50 cents a month to do this, and be better for the environment than 99.9% of conventional products.

I’ll keep you posted on my final routine — whether or not I return to the baking soda method : )

Ok. Enough of this. Epic recipes coming your way this week. Get your excited face on, and your tea hot. You heard me.

What “eco-friendly” and healthy/healthiER personal products do you use? Is this something you have tried or want to try?

Have I scared you off?!?

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