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Mountain House Review

by Shane White

I was happy to get a box full of food from Mountain House for this review. They sent me the 72-hour emergency kit that included 9 freeze dried meals in pouches.

I am impressed that all you need to cook this is boiling water and that you don’t really need to cook it in a pot or even use a plate. You can eat out of the bag. The packaging is thick and resealable as well. Everything was fresh tasting and cooked completely. One pouch is plenty of food for one very hungry person. The only thing you need for these products is a fork or a spoon. This is perfect for long term storage or your bug-out bag.

Chicken Teriyaki with Rice – The Chicken Teriyaki with Rice tasted very good. It was very easy to prepare and was full of meat and vegetables. One pouch has 2.5 servings at 220 calories per serving.

Beef Stroganoff with Noodles – Just opening this pouch, the Beef Stroganoff with Noodles smelled good. The directions were easy to follow and it tasted great! There was lots of meat, mushrooms, onions and other good stuff in it. One pouch has 2.5 servings at 250 calories per serving.

Scrambled Eggs with Bacon – I thought this mix was a bit watery after cooking. I had two so I was able to confirm that I didn’t make a mistake during preparation. Even though it is watery, it is still pretty good. One pouch has 1.5 servings at 210 calories per serving.

Rice & Chicken – I thought the Rice and Chicken tasted excellent. I really liked that it had nice big pieces of chicken in it. One pouch has 3 servings at 280 calories per serving.

Granola with Milk and Blueberries – This one I made a mistake while cooking. This is the only pouch in the box that asked for cold water instead of hot. I was disappointed that I ruined it by putting in hot water and double the amount of water at that. I am sure that I missed out on another quality Mountain House product here. Just be sure to actually read the directions when you prepare. If I really needed this to survive, I am sure I would have still eaten hot soupy granola. One pouch has 2 servings at 260 calories per serving.

Pasta Primavera – The Pasta Primavera is another excellent tasting product. It was easy to prepare and had excellent noodles and delicious vegetables. One pouch has 2.5 servings at 210 calories per serving.

If the products that I have received are any indication of what you are getting from Mountain House, you can’t go wrong. The food that I tried all tasted great, were very solidly packaged, were easy to prepare (that is when you follow the directions), and it is a nice bonus that you can eat them right out of the package which makes them nice and portable.

Mountain House claims that their food, if stored properly, will last for at least ten years (with the exception of their ice cream which is two years). Their products stored in #10 cans should last for 25 years. Mountain House has been around for 30 years so I believe them when they say that they have personally tested their food that is 30 years old. If they send me a 30 year old sample, I will try it and let you know what I think.

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