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Morning Skincare Routine For Sensitive & Dehydration Prone Skin

Morning skincare for me, it must be simple and quick. Because I am always running out for the school run, and getting two kids ready and out the door is no easy task. I’ve been using this routine for nearly an entire month, with some minor modifications every now and then.

My skin is quite sensitive and prone to dehydration, so when it comes to adding new products to my beauty routine. I will always make sure that I use products with natural ingredients. I also seek out professionals to offer me advice and tips.

When I begin to test new products, I do it at night, in the event there is an allergy. When I am sure that my skin is comfortable with something , I’ll shift it into my routine for the morning when it’s needed. After I finished testing for this years Beauty Shortlist awards I wanted a really gentle routine and this is what I put together.

What I look for in beauty products

what to look for in beauty products

Two main things, which I m currently looking for in beauty products for my morning skincare routine. The products are soothing on my redness prone skin and that the products work well together, I absolutely cannot stand the feel of products pilling or “rolling”. For this reason I tend to steer clear of some of the main offenders for making a product roll, which are silicones, consequently in my skincare routine products can be layered quickly one over the other.

One of the reasons I like this routine, is that it has all the elements my skin needs. A nice mix of humectants for moisture retention, emollients for softening the skin and enough layers to feel protective in the cooler weather. You will also notice most of this routine is essential oil free, I want to make it clear that I am not against essential oils and use them in many products, but I do treat them much the same as any active ingredient in skincare, with respect. I don’t think having every step in a skincare routine that is scented works well for my skin, so now I am more careful with how I put products together. I will sign post the products that are essential oil free in the routine, as I know many of you also need fragrance free products.

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For my everyday cleanser I have been using the Trilogy Very Gentle cleansing cream, specifically formulated for sensitive skin, this is a lovely rich, soothing and softening cleanser. It is a creamy format and one pump gives you a generous amount so covers face and neck. I find Trilogy to be a great value brand and glass packaging is lovely.

It would be great if you could get hold of this without the pump and that way it could be reused. For anyone with reactive skin this cleanser is a really brilliant product, very effective at soothing redness and leaving the skin really comfortable. It is certified by NATRUE and boasts some lovely ingredients, such as Maqui Berry and Camellia. I prefer a cream for weekday mornings, as I find them effective and quick when I am rushing around trying to get the kids and myself ready.

On weekends and when my skin has needed a bit of extra TLC I have been reaching for the Bodhi and Birch Tomato seed cleansing oil. It is multi-use and free from essential oils, but still beautifully fragrant thanks to the carefully chosen botanical ingredients. I happen to adore essential oils – but there have been times when I have needed options that are essential oil free, for example when I was pregnant or if my skin is feeling particularly sensitized This is a rich non-emulsifying oil cleanser, that is perfect for sensitive and redness prone skin. It contains no fragrant oils and instead has a mix of plant oils such as tomato seed, rosehip and plum kernel oil.

Once a month when hormones are being problematic I use the Weleda Almond cleansing lotion. This is a very light lotion that you apply with a cotton wool. I use as a treatment more than a cleanser and usually apply it after the Trilogy cleanser if my skin is feeling a little bit congested. It is a herbal product packed with calendula and chamomile and is perfect for soothing minor blemishes.


As a spritz I use the Odacite Rose and Neroli Hydra-vitalizing Treatment mist and am just coming to the end of my first bottle. This is a lovely light mist with lots of nice humectants such as glycerin and sodium hyaluronate in an aloe vera and rose water base. It is very gently scented and I find it perfect for applying before serums to lock in moisture, brilliant for dehydrated skin like mine. The only downside I can find to this product is the price, so if you are on a tight budget there are other floral water and glycerin toners that are a less expensive price point.

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I like to layer two serums in my routine, a lighter hydrating serum and a thicker creamier serum. For my lighter serum I have been using the Deage Molecule essence . I appreciate the price point of this product is steep, in fact I did do a deep inhale when I realized how much it cost, but for those of you looking for a more advanced serum to tackle issues such as fine lines it may be a range you want to look out for.

This is a light gel serum which is really cosmetically elegant, no sticky or tacky sensation on application at all. It is also full of peptides and hyaluronic acid, what sets it apart from other serums is the delivery system of the ingredients to the skin and as I am coming to the end of the serum I do think I can see some improvement in the depth of my forehead lines. I don’t think any topical treatment will get rid of them completely, but I do feel this has helped to soften them.

The second serum that I layer is the Twelve Beauty Ideal Brightening corrective serum. I received this a while back in a Boxwalla box and used it sporadically to test it, but hadn’t really used it consistently until now. I watched an Instagram video where Pedro Catala the founder of Twelve beauty spoke about this product being useful for those pesky red marks that can be left behind after a breakout.

As I had a few marks left behind that I wanted to tackle, I decided to incorporate this serum in to my routine. After a few weeks use the marks that would usually still be present had gone and my skin overall seemed brighter. It is creamy serum and I apply one pump, straight after the Deage serum. Twelve is a brand that formulates for sensitive or sensitized skin types and uses a lot of botanicals like mallow, well known for their calming properties on the skin. An interesting brand with a fascinating philosophy.

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As a moisturizer I have been using two pumps of the O’Moi Crème de Camelia moisturiser with two drops of the ByBi strawberry booster. O’Moi is a brand I discovered when judging for the Beauty Shortlist Mum and Baby awards and the Camellia crème was one of my favourites. It is a light and gentle moisturiser, had I gone purely on the ingredients list alone, I am not sure I would have picked this up, but once I tried it I was hooked! The ByBi Strawberry seed booster gives a lovely glow to the skin and mixing it with your moisturiser makes it really easy to apply. The strawberry seeds are a bi-product or the juicing industry and would otherwise go to waste, making this a really sustainable product.

If my skin is particularly dry I skip the moisturizer and massage in a few drops of the Bodhi and Birch Super25 botanical serum . This is a lovely blend of 25 seed, fruit and nut oils with no essential oils, which is really comforting on the skin. There is quite a lot of products here, but not everything gets applied everyday, it is more of a pick and mix depending on what my skin needs at the time.

Final touches

Once the main part of my routine is done (Cleanse, tone, serums and moisturize) I apply some final touches. First of all I apply a thin layer of the Skin Owl Eye+. I have been using this product for a few years and one pot lasts a long time. This is a lovely cooling gel that is perfect for taking down puffiness from the eye area. I see a lot of people using the gel patches in their routines, but I find Eye+ does the job perfectly for cooling, soothing and depuffing without the extra waste the patches create.

As much as I love this product, I don’t find it particularly moisturizing, so I follow it up with one drop of the Holistic Green Beauty Mangata Eye and Lip oil which I pat on gently with my ring finger. This is a beautiful light oil, featuring plum kernel seed oil and prickly pear which is a wonderful ingredient to brighten the eye area. It leaves a lovely moisturized base for concealer and as it is multi-purpose I also add a dab to my lips.

If I am heading outside I will take some SPF and dot it on to my face. I am currently using the Badger Baby SPF 30 for sensitive skins. It is a non-nano zinc SPF that works well on my sensitive skin, as with other zinc sunscreens you do need to make sure skin is well moisturized underneath, otherwise the minerals cling to any dry patches. It can leave a white cast, but if I am careful on application on my skin tone it isn’t a problem. Overall I really like this as it is affordable and gentle.

If I am home and have any active blemishes I pop on some of the Clarins purifying lotion which contains sulfur and antibacterial essential oils of thyme to help calm the skin. Then I will pop on some lip balm; I have lots of these to choose from, but there are two I reach for the most at the moment. The Weleda Skinfood Lip balm  which is a lovely clear balm that is really nourishing on the lips. I am also really enjoying the H is For Love Lip Glace . This is a lovely lightly tinted balm with the most gorgeous whipped texture featuring calendula, coconut and olive oils. Really lovely for everyday use as it just adds a hint of color.

I will update the routine in a few months, ready for the warmer weather! Do you spot any products that you love in this routine or are there any you are using that you are enjoying?


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