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Minimalism: How To Flee Your Kryptonite

Last night I was happily reading a book by the great Sergio Fernandez entitled “Living without a Boss”, which my friend  recommended to me, when suddenly I came to a chapter in which he talked about energy sinks, these elements that subtract part of our innate powers to get ideas forward, in this part he made a great analogy with the kryptonite that affects the mighty Superman.

Well, relating the above with Minimalism, I believe that to achieve the focus that many of us want to have in our lives, the first thing we must do is to flee from our materialistic kryptonites.

Here I want to take you to an initial reflection, yes we all have the power of Superman to live with less stuff, to live with less saturation, but we also all have our Achilles tendon, our Kryptonite.

As long as we do not detect it, we will continue to fall again and again into total weakness and then into that feeling of guilt.

For me for example a very strong Kryptonite is books, and no, it is not that in itself buying books is bad, what is bad is buying them, accumulating them, having them there and sometimes not even having the opportunity to open them, that is an insult.

So with all the minimalist conscience, in the last few years I don’t go to bookstores as much because I know that there will always be a topic that might interest me, whether it be legal issues, aspects of personal development, in short, the point is to finish many of the books I have or make a careful selection of what I’m really going to read, based on recommendations or suggestions that I get.

Of this type, I have others such as CDs, songs on iTunes, movies, and yes I stay away from them as if they were my Kryptonite, why? Because I am more and more focused on what I need and what I don’t, and I know when to differentiate between what is Kryptonite and what is not, how? Very simple, even if they are leisure items, not always everything that is for sale is for me, when I want something, I thought about it, I tried it, and I definitely know what I want it for.

If what it’s all about is that you start to stop accumulating and start living without so much ballast, what you have to do is eliminate everything you don’t need and start focusing better on what you really want for yourself.

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What is your Kryptonite?

What is the single factor preventing you from living a truly successful life? It appears to rear its ugly head and begin to hold you back as soon as you begin to move forward in your life. It’s something that everyone has. You must realize that Kryptonite is dangerous! It can truly stop you from living out your ambition if it could stop SUPERMAN.

Every man deals with some kind of kryptonite that can adversely affect their life. Money concerns, marital problems, the fear of failure, prior regrets, gluttony, a fast tongue, or procrastination may be your kryptonite. The strength of Kryptonite is harmful. It can stop you from enjoying your best life if it can stop Superman’s powers.

You might be wondering, “How do I figure out what my Kryptonite is?”

Some ideas to get away from your Kryptonite

If you have a weakness for shopping in malls, try going to other types of outlets.

Try not to enter the links of electronic stores, it is easier to spend when you just enter your card information or click on “Buy”.

Don’t use the excuse of going to stores just to waste time waiting for something.

When you are about to buy something that you really want, better take some time to think about if it is really something for you and you really need it.

Breathe, the best way to avoid the materialistic Kryptonite is breathing, do this exercise when you are about to do something that takes you away from your goal, this way you will be calmer.

Many people have a limited emotional vocabulary, particularly when it comes to the emotions we don’t want to feel. This suggests that language is one of the ways we keep ourselves in the dark about our emotional kryptonite. If you despise feeling nervous, for example, one method to prevent it is to use the word “stressed” to describe how you feel when you are actually anxious.

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Leave Negativity

Negativity can emerge from a variety of sources. Individuals who should support you to live your vision are often the same people who tell you that you can’t accomplish it or that you should stay where you are. When you turn on the news for an hour, 45 minutes of it is negative.

You will talk yourself out of living your vision if you don’t observe it. It’s time to put an end to the negative in your life and concentrate on who God says you are and what He says you can accomplish. Don’t be hesitant to speak up about your flaws.

It’s very acceptable to seek assistance in overcoming your Kryptonite. But pay attention to the proper individuals and disregard the rest. Everyone wants to offer their “two cents,” but not all advise is created equal. Being honest with others has the huge advantage of allowing for a much deeper and stronger relationship based on trust.


My Realistic Analysis today is: Once you get to the point where you start to feel weakness for something you don’t need the Kryptonite is taking effect, so better take care of those symptoms and always remember what is your focus on what is important.

We must constantly act in the best interests of our health. Choosing a healthy path and living a healthy lifestyle should always be a priority. You begin to be your own KRYPTONITE the moment you begin to make excuses, the moment you begin to persuade yourself that it is acceptable to maintain an unhealthy lifestyle.


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