Mary’s Song, an album for Good Friday and Easter!

Mary’s Song . . . a Love Song . . .

With tomorrow being Good Friday, followed by Easter on Sunday, I thought I would share with you three of the songs from the album I composed and recorded, “Mary’s Song”. This album is about the emotions Mary Magdalene felt in the days, maybe weeks, leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus. In order to understand, it is important to look at her life as it related to Jesus.

Mary Magdalene and Jesus . . . a love from a pure heart.

We can see in the scriptures that Mary Magdalene is mentioned several times:

  • Jesus cast demons out of her.
  • It was Mary who sat at Jesus feet while her sister, Martha, was “cumbered about many things”.
  • She anointed His head and feet with oil prior to his crucifixion.
  • Mary Magdalene is mentioned as one who was standing at the cross, along with his mother, and another woman.
  • She was the first one to see Jesus after he arose from the grave at the tomb.
  • It was her who went to tell the others she had seen him.

Mary played a significant role in the life of Jesus. She loved Him from a pure heart, not one of fleshly desires. Her heart had to be broken as the events began that would result in Him being crucified on the cross. Because of this, the songs in the “Mary’s Song” album musically portray her love and emotion for her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Songs . . .

The song, “Mary’s Song”, was the first song I wrote for this album. It was my desire to portray her devotion to Jesus, her undying love for Him, the joy she felt in His presence! She was one of his disciples, though she is not named in the twelve . . .  a follower of Jesus. She sat at his feet and learned from His teachings, and was totally devoted to Him, much like we should be. I could see, as I researched Mary Magdalene, how much she cared for Him.

I hope, as you listen to “Mary’s Song”, you hear her heart’s song . . . her love for her Savior, and that you will be able to see and sense the emotions she felt in His presence. He was her “First Love”, just as He should be our “First Love”. And, that is in the sense of our relationship with our Lord and Savior, not in any physical sense. Just as she was devoted to Him, we should be devoted to Him.

To me, Mary Magdalene represents all of us . . . sinners saved by grace. I hope you enjoy “Mary’s Song” . . .

“Whom My Soul Loveth” is from my last album, “Mary’s Song”, which was released in April, 2015. This album musically depicts the emotions Mary Magdalene felt in the days leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus. There was both sadness and hope in knowing that, though He would be leaving, some day they would all see Him again. And, there were memories of sitting at His feet learning about the things of God. Further, there were the feelings of losing a loved one, one who had delivered her and set her free from many things. This song portrays her seeking Him . . . looking for Him, as when she went to anoint him with oil just a few days before He was crucified.

As you listen, try to put yourself in her place. What would you be feeling, knowing He would be leaving?

As I pondered Mary Magdalene’s life, I felt that her life really paralleled mankind: we are all sinners saved by grace. I began to think about how she must have felt when He was led to the cross. The thinking back birthed the song, “Reflections in Time”. . . It is one of my favorites on this album.

“Going back in time remembering how she loved him, how he loved and forgave her and all the things that he did for others.You can hear it and see it before it’s finished. You can close your eyes and almost feel Mary’s love and pain as the Christ was slowly dying. The good news is…He’s not dead any more!!”

Charles M. Barnes, orchestrator

Though we see the crucifixion as sad, the Good News is that Jesus was resurrected and sits at the right hand of God! As you listen to the songs, think about the Good News, that because of the price Jesus paid for us, we can have eternal life! Be thankful this Easter. Love and cherish your family and loved ones. Have a giving heart. Give, not just money, but your time and your talents to those who are truly in need. Think about what you can do during this season to show others His Love!

Have a wonderful Good Friday and a Happy Easter!




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