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Make Homeschool Math Easy with Mr. D Math

I’m really bad at math. No, scratch that. I’m not bad at math, I’m terrible at it. Once letters started getting thrown into the equation, my brain basically shut down and, well, that was the end of that.

My number one fear as a homeschool mom was trying to figure out how in the world I was going to teach these kids math. Especially since I have no idea how to do it myself.

Then, I learned all about the incredible Mr. D Math, and my fear of teaching math was squashed forever.

*Disclaimer: I received this product for free and was compensated for my time in writing this review. I was not required to write a positive review. As always, I keep it real around here, so the opinions displayed here today are 100% authentic.

Make Homeschool Math Easy with Mr. D

Like I said, I’ve always been in fear of how my girls would be able to get passed 7th-grade math when the time came, because I knew I wouldn’t be good at teaching it. Once I was introduced to Mr. D and his online math classes, and I knew that this would be the answer to all of my math teaching woes.

That’s right, I’m still going to be able to give my children a quality math education when they’re ready to surpass me in my own math knowledge. Knowing this is helping me sleep a little better at night.

Who is Mr. D?

Dennis DiNoia (“Mr. D”) is a former public school math teacher. He left the public school system approximately 10 years ago and created his own online math program, Mr. D Math.

His math program teaches children how to understand math as a language. It also teaches students problem-solving skills that they can apply to everyday life.

How Do Mr. D’s Online Math Classes Work?

Each of Mr. D’s math courses covers a total of 12 chapters that are complete with video lessons.

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Students log into the class and pick the chapter they are currently working on. They then watch the video lesson and complete that sections course work.

At the end of each chapter, students complete a chapter test. There are even two different semester exams within the course as well. Grades for all of the course work, quizzes, and exams are recorded in an online grade book.

For students who need a little more help, they are also able to attend a live session once a week with a member of the teaching staff.

If students need even more guided assistance in addition to the self-paced course, there is an optional upgrade to the virtual classroom. This is where students can attend live classes online, once a week, with Mr. D himself.

How We Used Mr. D’s Math in Our Homeschool

Since Mr. D only offers classes that are at the high school level (I talk more about what classes are offered below), we signed up for pre-algebra to get a feel of what we could expect in the future.

With Moe as my tester, we sat down on a Tuesday afternoon to see if we both would like the structure of the class. Would Moe be able to follow along and actually learn with this type of class structure?

Mr. D interacted often with both Moe and me during the live session, as well as the other students in the class. He made sure to include us as much as possible in the lessons, even though he knew Moe wasn’t quite up to this level of math just yet.

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Since students have the option of using their webcam to access the live sessions, Moe was able to meet other students and interact with them, just as she would be able to in a regular classroom setting.

I could tell Moe really enjoyed this because she would light up everytime someone mentioned her in conversation. Moe is very social and loved being able to carry on a conversation with her teacher and peers.

I was even more happy to see her truly following along and learning, despite the class being above her current level of math.

As soon as the class was over, she said “That was fun! Can we do it again next week?”. That was enough for me to know that this class would truly be a success in our homeschool!

As a mom, I’m happy to know that I will be able to provide my kids with a quality high school math education, and it will take little to no effort on my part! 

Who Would Benefit From Mr. D’s Math Classes?

Since Mr. D Math offers classes that are self-paced, or live and interactive (or, both!), I truly believe this class could fit in well with any homeschool family who enjoys the online format.

Honestly, I think this class could even be great for adults who never fully understood math during their own high school years. If anything, it may help with understanding the concepts more, which would make for a better support system for your kids.

I would even recommend this course to students in a public school setting that needs a little extra help and practice. 

If I’m being honest, I think it’s safe to say I’d recommend these courses to anyone and everyone who wants to learn high school math, as long as they enjoy learning in an online format.

Pros of Mr. D Math

Mr. D Math is a conceptual math program that delves deeply into math ideas and will provide a decent level of difficulty to most pupils. While not the most difficult curriculum available, it encourages students to consider the why behind math rather than just memorizing information, and it typically encourages students to enhance their math abilities as well as acquire the capacity to assess and improve their own work.

It makes arithmetic more accessible and less stressful.

Mr. D Math educators, including Mr. D himself, examine numerous math subjects in a casual and cheerful manner and explain ideas in a straightforward and engaging manner. This may make arithmetic more comfortable, especially for people who do not believe they are “excellent” at math. Similarly, Mr. D Arithmetic alleviates the stress that children may experience when completing math by enabling them to redo work and retake quizzes and examinations as needed since the program focuses on gaining an understanding and skill with the content.

Mr. D provides his lessons in three formats, enabling students and families to learn in the manner that most suits their needs. Virtual classrooms gather online once a week for real-time discussions and instruction. The self-paced courses, which we choose, allow for learning at any time, yet instructors are still accessible during assignment assistance periods.

Mr. D Math Provides Numerous Assessment Opportunities

Your kid will have several opportunities for evaluation during their Mr. D Math session. Assessments are scored online, and scores are logged in order to compute a final grade. At the conclusion of each arithmetic session, there is a brief evaluation. These five-question tests are ideal for assessing your child’s comprehension of a certain subject within a chapter.

A chapter exam is offered at the conclusion of each chapter to evaluate all of the abilities taught in that chapter. Mr. D Math solutions are comprehensive solutions. Nobody likes to glance at an answer key and just see the final answer, yet that is often what math curriculum provide. Because they come up with an entirely different response, parents and pupils are left wondering how on earth someone got at the solution.

You can also follow along with Mr. D on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Have you tried using Mr. D Math in your homeschool? If so, how has it worked for you and your family? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!


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