Kefalonia – is it the best of the Greek islands?

What comes to mind when you hear Kefalonia Greece? Let us guess, have you seen Captain Corelli’s Mandolin? Or what about visiting Myrtos, one of the best beaches in the world, and the best of the Kefalonia beaches. How about admiring the tranquil view in the small fishing town of Katelios?

Kefalonia (or Cephalonia) has well and truly stole our hearts! Famous for its amazing landscapes, Kefalonia beaches are the pull to this Venetian inspired Greek heart-throb. It really is one of the best Greek islands.

Are you’re looking for travel inspiration? Then read on. You will want a taste of one of the best places to visit in Greece.

We LOVE this amazing island and we know you will love it too.

Things To Do In Kefalonia

Swim With A Turtle

If you’re looking for the best resort Kefalonia has to offer, and you love nature, stay in the south. Many of the best Kefalonia beaches are found here and are the home of nesting Loggerhead Turtles. Want to see these turtles? Visit Kefalonia beaches such as Mounda beach. Or swim in the calm waters of Katelios and swim a long side these magnificent creatures. Most Kefalonia resort guide websites will tell you the turtles are the one thing to see.

Visit A Beach

Looking where best to stay in Kefalonia? You’ll need to plan wisely. The best beaches in the Europe can be found on Kefalonia island Greece. We recommend visiting the small Pessada beach. If you visit during the quieter months, you can guarantee a day to yourself on this beautiful cove. The best of the Kefalonia beaches has to be Myrtos or Emblisi in Fiscardo. This Kefalonia travel guide will help you decide which beaches to choose from.

Visit Argostoli

If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Kefalonia that’s centrally located, stay in Argostoli. This is the capital of Kefalonia. However, unlike capital cities you may be use to, this small town is typically Greek with a very strong Venetian influence. It’s a small capital, but it may be the best place to stay in Kefalonia if you like being in a town. Our Kefalonia travel guide recommends staying here to be centrally located to all of the Kefalonia beaches.

Is Kefalonia Expensive To Visit?

If you’re looking for the best resort Kefalonia has to offer, don’t. The best place to stay in Kefalonia is away from the main towns, in a village. You will save a lot of money, but you may need to rent a car or quad bike to get around. In this Kefalonia travel guide, we will show that you don’t need to overspend. We try to spend little on our travels. We will help you find the best place to stay in Kefalonia to save you a lot of money, and get the most out of your holiday here.

Hotels In Kefalonia

You will be paying €18 to €40 a night for a good cheap hotel. Many hotels will provide breakfast and free wi-fi in the price. Check out for cheap Kefalonia holidays.


Airbnb is a top way to stay on your Kefalonia holiday. Prices vary from €20 to €45 average a night. Looking where best to stay in Kefalonia for couples? Try an Airbnb stay, we find it a lot more authentic, and romantic.

Hostels In Kefalonia is perfect if you’re looking for Kefalonia resort guide ideas. Prices can be cheap, €12 – €20 for a nights stay in a good hostel. It’s a top way to meet interesting people.

Food Prices in Kefalonia

Our Kefalonia travel guide will tell you one thing, eat in a family run taverna. Food prices in Kefalonia can be cheap. Visit Lidl or AB Supermarket near the airport to save money on travel.

Daily Budget Kefalonia

How much will Kefalonia holidays cost? After spending on accommodation, you can budget on less than €15 – €20 a day and still have an amazing time. This Kefalonia travel guide will help you save money.

Money Saving Tips

Visit Off Season

If you want to save money on your Kefalonia holidays this year, visit during the quieter periods of October to early June. Our Kefalonia travel guide will tell you to travel off season. Flights are cheap!

Rent A Quad Bike

You’ll find the best Kefalonia beaches if you rent a quad? Renting a quad bike will save you a lot of money when you’re looking for the best resort Kefalonia has to offer. Prices can be as low as €14 a day!

Stay In A Village

Stay off the beaten path! Our Kefalonia travel guide will help you find the best place to stay in Kefalonia by staying in a small village like Katelios or Metaxata.


Kefalonia island Greece can be done on a budget if you try out couchsurfing. You’ll save a tonne of Euros on your Kefalonia holidays and guaranteed an exciting time with new people.

Eat Local Or Supermarkets

Our Kefalonia travel guide will help you save you money on your travels if you eat cheap. Try eating at a quiet local taverna or do a big shop at Lidl or AB Supermarket.

When is the Best Time to Visit Kefalonia

When is the best time to visit Kefalonia so that you can enjoy your holiday on this amazing Greek paradise? This most frequently asked question when it comes to holidays is of course, the weather. The first mistake you can do is search through threads upon threads of forum posts. We find that they’re too unreliable.

As with most European summer destinations, flight prices are going to be low during the off peak seasons. But can you grab a “bargain top up the tan” holiday? There’s nothing worse than arriving at your favorite destination, having saved up all year round, only to find that it’s wetter, colder and duller than back home. We know the feeling.

Fortunately, we’ve never had any issues with bad weather during our stays in Kefalonia. Having said that, you just cannot predict what the weather will do. It is worth bearing in mind that this is an island, and you’re risking it, no matter what month you’re visiting. So when is the best time to visit Kefalonia? What if you’re not particularly fussy in terms of weather? When is the quietest time to visit Kefalonia, away from the crowds?

We hear you. Whether you’re wishing for a beach to yourself, or you want to bathe in the heat of the Greek summer sun, you’ll have an answer to your unending question.

When is the best time to visit Kefalonia – Weather

Ok, this is is the big one. If you’re travelling to Kefalonia for your holidays, the very earliest you should think about visiting is when the first flights are published. This is usually between mid April and beginning of May. Having said that, we have heard numerous reports of mini Greek heatwaves hitting the island at the beginning of April. As with any country in Europe, coming out of winter is going to be unpredictable. However, now that is a big however. You might be surprised by our recent experience when visiting the island during the latter part of April.

Kefalonia in April – The best time to visit Kefalonia?

Luckily, we were able to find return flights for £48.99 each from April 28th to 5th May 2017. We were constantly checking weather reports on the island and were growing in anticipation. We knew it wouldn’t be as hot as the months of June to September so we wouldn’t be surprised if we experienced some wet weather.

How wrong we were!

The moment we stepped off the plane, WOWZERS. We weren’t expecting that one. It was warm. As in British summer warm. It was straight to our hotel and onto the balcony of the Poseidon Apartments in Agia Efimia. Amazingly and much to our surprise, the temperature rose to 27 degrees Celsius – in April. To add to the weather, flowers were in full bloom so the island was even more stunningly beautiful.

Sea Temperature Kefalonia in April

So you want to know whether it was warm enough to swim in the sea? Yes.

Sea temperatures were actually almost at their lowest (especially after the snow that was sent through Greece) but, not too low. So much so, that we were enjoying a dip at 7.30pm the very evening we arrived. Once the morning sun had warmed the shores of Agia Efimia, we were straight in at Ellie’s beach.

In fact, we swam everyday in the sea. Ok, it’s not warm, but it’s also not bone chillingly cold. So to answer that question, “Is the sea warm enough to swim in April?” – Yes.

Can you sunbathe in Kefalonia in April?

If you decide to travel around Easter time, the probability of getting caught in April showers is high. For the lucky ones that visit the island during April, you’ll be happy to learn that temperatures are warm enough sunbathe. There really is no predicting what will happen. Relating to an experience of ours, we found ourselves becoming a little too warm during one walk around Argostoli on May 3rd. Temperatures on 30th April reached a staggering 28 degrees.

We were definitely fortunate. Drink in hand, a good read and the bay of Agia Efimia in the distance whilst sunbathing on a hidden cove. Bliss!
Yes you’ll be able to sunbathe, in April and May, and swim, but this isn’t guaranteed. Rule of thumb goes something like this – if the sun is out, it’s generally hot enough to sunbathe. Top tip – take a cardigan or jacket for evenings, it gets chilly. From much research regarding this deep, dark secret, we found that holiday makers can experience similar weather conditions during September and October. You’ll find sea temperatures are a lot warmer too.

When is the quietest time to visit Kefalonia?

During the spring months of April through to end of May, you can expect to find strong pleasant aroma, thanks to the flowers in bloom.
Beaches are quiet. Towns are peaceful and prices are low. If you’re looking for slightly hotter temperatures, early June is a great time to visit Kefalonia. it’s still off-peak and it’s possible to grab an absolute bargain of a deal. Hotel prices were considerably lower during our stay. Our accommodation at the Poseidon Apartments, Agia Efimia were £220 for a week, with a huge breakfast and amazing balcony view. Most days were spent on the nearby coves of Agia Efimia, enjoying the tranquil surroundings all by ourselves.

When should you visit Kefalonia?

In a nutshell – the best time to visit Kefalonia and still enjoy warm to hot temperatures is the end of April to the middle of May. But remember, the weather is unpredictable. Not to forget the months of September and October. We’re planning to visit the island this year to check late summer temperatures. This is the time to visit if you enjoy swimming in warm seas. Prices are low and places are quiet. Perfect. Having visited in both April, May and June, we recommend visiting the island in April. Flowers are in full bloom and you’ll get a healthy tan.
Remember – nights become a lot colder, so don’t forget to pack a light jacket or cardigan.


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