Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream Repair Review

Juice Beauty have made some pretty big claims about Stem Cellular Repair, like reduction of lines and wrinkles, and improved skin tone and luminosity. Yes, I’ll have some of those, please. I chose two of the products to try, and was so thrilled within a few days of use I could hardly believe it.

I wanted to be really, really sure the remarkable change was not just random (my skin can be great one day and crummy the next, what with the perimenopause wackiness). I’ve been using the products for a couple of months now, which for me means about 2.5 hormonal cycles.

This is key, because I wanted to know how adding these products to my routine would affect my hormonal break-outs. Well, the evidence is in—and, may I just say WOOOO HOOOO! These products are truly great, and I do believe I’m in this for the long haul. Here are the changes I’ve experienced:

  • Reduction in wrinkles, especially those deeper ones between my brows and on my forehead
  • More even tone, with both older damage and recent acne scars much improved*
  • Improved texture, with smaller pores and increased firmness
  • Fewer blackheads
  • Fewer blemishes, less inflammation
  • Accelerated healing of existing blemishes
  • General fabulousness

Stem Cellular Repair Booster Serum

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum

This is a thick, citrusy-smelling gel that goes on smoothly and kind of liquefies as it meets the warmth of skin. It gives me a little tingle, in a pleasant way. The first two times I used it I’d say it was more of a sting, which made me nervous because I tend to be sensitive.

This is the first product that goes on my skin after cleansing, morning and night.  It adds a little moisture, but I still use my other products (another serum, hydrosol, oil). The idea is that it boosts what your other products do, and with the overall results I’m getting I’d say it does its job.  I love the the airless pump for keeping the serum stable, but the downside is you can’t tell how much product is left.

Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream with Zinc SPF 30

This is Juice Beauty’s answer to BB creams, which I admit I’d never heard of until I heard of CC. I’m all in favor of multitaskers, and I had always wanted to try a tinted moisturizer.  This is that, and so much more.   It has SPF 30 (zinc oxide), so it has become my face and neck sunscreen. The first time I tried it, I thought, “Wow, I wish my skin was in good enough shape to use such a light coverage product.”

Then it occurred to me, maybe this would make my skin better—and it did. I now use much less of my mineral foundation to cover flaws, and mostly just for under my eyes. CC is a great base for mineral foundation spot application, takes care of evening my complexion, and leaves my skin with a velvety texture. I use a bit of finishing powder too, and that’s all I feel I need for a work day in front of a crowd. There hasn’t been any blazing sun yet where I am, but so far so good in the SPF department.

I have tried CC several times just on its own as a sunscreen during sweaty running and hiking, and it does the job. Of all the times I’ve done this, only twice I’ve had the tiniest bit of creasing around my eyes, and I put it on pretty thick to test it. I wouldn’t have even noticed the creasing if I hadn’t looked in my magnifying mirror.

I’ve had absolutely no creasing during regular daily activities. Here’s the down side: It only comes in two shades. I use Natural Glow (for fair to medium skin).  Warm Glow is for medium to dark skin tones. I’m thrilled the lighter shade works for my pale olive skin.


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