January 2022 Portfolio Update –

Here we are again. Time for my favorite post to write, the monthly portfolio update!
January was close to a record month for the markets, which will be reflected when we get to the numbers. I also spent a lot of time working on some of the goals I laid out last month.   Which I’ll update on a little further down the page as well. But alas, I know why you all click the link to these posts. To see numbers! So here we go…


Roth IRA: $15,761 (+4.96%)
Traditional/Rollover IRA: $7,921 (+6.24%)
401(k): $735 (+32.43%)
Cash Savings: $6040 (+8.83%)

Total Portfolio Value: $30,457 (+6.77%)

I didn’t check to be completely sure, but I’m pretty darn confident that January was by far the best month for my portfolio since I started this blog. It felt good typing all those black numbers!

Now that I’m settled in to the new house and I have a better grip on what my monthly expenses for bills and utilities will look like I expect to start throwing more money into my Roth IRA each month.  My year-end performance review is also coming up at work, and if I end up getting a raise of any sort (fingers crossed!) I’ll automatically bump up my 401(k) contribution as well.

Now on to the goals…These are all goals I set for myself in my last portfolio update. I’ll try to update you on the progress I’m making towards them each month as long as there’s anything to write about!

1. Get a New Bank –  Completed! I spent a ton of time researching banks this month and finally made the switch to a new bank. Once a little time passes and I get a feel for how its going with them I’ll write-up a review of the bank and my whole switching experience.

2. Optimize my accounts – I’m getting there on this one. A few of my accounts were pretty simple and actually had a link right on the website where I could choose my own billing date. The other’s I still have to get on the phone and see how it goes.

3. Pay off My Car – No progress here yet, still making that monthly payment.

4. Save and Invest at Least 10% of My Income – On track here, for me 10% seems pretty easy. So going forward let’s make this goal 15%!

5. Write More/6. Grow & Improve this blog – I joined these two because I’m tackling them both with the same weapon. If you read my last post you know I’ve joined the Yakezie Challenge, which requires me to try to write 2+ times a week and network with other bloggers in order to improve my blog. The writing part of it is a bit more aggressive than the goal I initially set for myself, but who doesn’t love a little added pressure?!

So that’s what’s been going on in my world. How are you coming along with any of your new years goals? Still going to the gym 3x a week, right?


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