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Is it Possible to Beat Depression for Good?

Yes! It is possible to beat depression, but only once you know what’s actually really triggering your depressions.

Depressions happen because:

1) Physically, the body isn’t operating effectively in some way

That could be because of:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Lack of the minerals and vitamins the brain needs to function
  • Too many toxins and chemicals depleting the body’s stores of things like Vitamin B
  • Not enough regular exercise (the ‘sedentary’ lifestyle)
  • Electro-magnetic ‘smog’ from WiFi, FM radio, TV sets etc playing havoc with the body’s own electronic impulse messaging system (that controls things like the release of hormones and ‘stress’ chemicals’.)

Chinese Medicine sums up these physical processes by saying that the body’s Spleen meridian (home of the body’s ‘happy energy’) has got weakened, and needs to be strengthened. You can strengthen spleen meridian with acupressure, acupuncture, and other energy medicine techniques.

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Also, when people go into the homo-lateral energy state, that can drag them down into depression, particularly the zombie-fied feeling and listlessness that’s typical of ‘clinical depression’.

2) Mentally and emotionally – depression has been scientifically linked to trauma and stress

Ie, it’s a type of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) response. The sort of stress associated with PTSD and depression and anxiety doesn’t just mean experiencing a car crash, terrorist attack or serious illness (although it can also mean those things.) It’s also caused by difficult childhoods, including things like being around chronically angry, aggressive, immature parents, as well as the more ‘hardcore’ things like obvious physical abuse and neglect.

My own view is that most people get depressed because they’re spending too much time with negative, uncaring people who make them feel undervalued, worthless and ‘bad’. Figuring that out, and choosing to minimize those relationships and to build stronger, healthier relationships instead is a huge part of most people’s journey towards permanently beating their depression.

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3) Spiritually – A lot of people are struggling to answer the question: what is your life actually FOR?

What’s the purpose? What’s the meaning? Without a spiritual context, it’s practically impossible to come up with a genuinely satisfying answer to that question.

But people are made up of three elements, body, mind and soul, and if any one of those areas is being ignored or neglected, it can and does cause big problems and a feeling that something is ‘missing’ in life.

So Can we Beat Depression

In order to really ‘beat’ depression permanently, you have to tackle the causes of it across all three levels of body, mind and soul.

If you aren’t addressing the problem across all three levels, then at some point, it will re-occur. If you are tackling depression in this holistic way, then your chances of beating it are actually very good.

By beating it, I don’t mean that you’ll never, ever feel depressed again. There are so many triggers for it, that something will undoubtedly spark it off at some point when you’ve been ill, or super-stressed, or have a big life event occur.

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BUT – you’ll recognize the trigger for the depression much faster (ie, lack of sleep, email from horrible sibling, lacking true meaning in life etc) and deal with it at its root. And as soon as you recognize the trigger, you’re more than half-way to solving the problem, and getting back on track.

These days, my depressions now generally don’t last more than a day or two max, every 6 months or so, and they don’t take me out or bring me down anywhere near as much as they used to.

By contrast, before I figured out what was triggering them I could get depressed very often, feel terrible, and sometimes I’d get stuck in depression for months at a time.

So to sum up: it IS possible to beat depression permanently, but first you have to really work out what could be causing them across all three levels of body, mind and soul.


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