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Since I reference the ‘mom of the year’ award so often in my posts, I thought it only fitting to review the criteria for nomination from two different perspectives

ME: A mom with an immaculately clean home. Her kitchen floors are always sparkling and there is a keen understanding of how to utilize the laundry basket.
KIDS: My mom, because she lets us use the broom even though we just send the dirt flying everywhere. She also lets us pretend the laundry basket is a pirate ship.

ME: A mom who never yells at her kids and has endless amounts of patience. Nothing fizzes the perfect mom.
KIDS: My mom, because she only gets mad when we do something REALLY bad. She does this really cool thing where she counts out loud to ten and takes ‘yoga breathes’. When she gets really mad we know we’re going to get yelled, be given a timeout… and then probably get some big hugs afterwards too.

ME: A mom who has the morning routine down to a science, without forgetting anything and experiencing no major meltdowns.
KIDS: My mom because she makes every morning a fun game of ‘lets get ready’. Sometimes we get to race to see who gets ready the fastest. If she’s feeling really fun she’ll even hit the curb when trying to back into the school parking lot. She likes to make us laugh.

ME: A mom who looks amazing even after the dreaded morning routine. She makes white pants look easy and her perfectly straightened hair reminds me that a ‘bun’ is not an acceptable hairdo.
KIDS: My mom because she doesn’t get mad when we spill our chocolate milk all over her pants. She also lets us help her get ready by putting all kinds of awesome pink flower clips in her hair.

ME: A mom who always knows what’s for dinner before 5pm. Her meals are planned out for the whole month and groceries are purchased with a perfectly organized list.
KIDS: My mom, because sometimes we get to decide what we want for dinner. We even get to help make it. When we grocery shop, our mom lets us each pick out something special if we promise not to tear the store apart.

ME: A mom who knows how to accomplish the perfect ‘15 minute’ bedtime routine.
KIDS: My mom, because we get to pick out which books we want to read all by ourselves even if it takes us a REALLY long time to decide. Then, she always does really fun stories and if we ask enough times we always get more than three. Sometimes she’ll even rub our backs until we fall asleep.

ME: A mom who never has to get up in the middle of the night with her kids, because she broke the bad habit at a young age.
KIDS: My mom, because she always comes in just before my bad dream gets SUPER scary. She always understands that sometimes we just want someone to walk us to the bathroom to pee. Oh.. and if we forget to wake up, she never gets mad about wet sheets. She does get upset if we wake up more than three times in one night though….

Okay, so I could go on for days. But the moral of the story is that as mothers, we are always WAY too hard on ourselves. If it were up to our kids, every mommy out there would win the ‘mom of the year’ award. So next time you hear another mom being hard on herself, remind her that in the eyes of her children… she wins the award of ‘BEST MOM’ hands down. There’s no need to even show up to compete. Tell another mom that the kids… I mean the judges… have come to a decision… and that she wins the  ‘Mom of the Year Award’.


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